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CWUP 1-30-050 Right of University to Set Standards of Conduct

The university has a right and a responsibility to set reasonable and explicit standards of conduct in order to safeguard the freedom to learn and provide for the safety of persons on the campus. The university must not, however, impose any unreasonable or arbitrary regulations which obstruct or infringe upon an individual's freedom to learn or an individual's right as a citizen. Members of the university community, in turn, have the right to be heard and considered at appropriate levels of the decision-making process about the development and content of policy matters of concern. As members of the university community, students and staff have the additional responsibility to respect the requirements for the search for truth and its presentation. Each member must support the freedom to learn and the freedom to conduct research and report the findings in the spirit of free inquiry.

Where a person stands charged with violation of a campus regulation, the institution must provide fair and equitable procedures to determine the validity of alleged violations. Members of the campus community should have the right of recourse if they believe their rights as citizens or as members of the campus community have been obstructed or denied.

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