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CWUP 1-30-020 Policies Governing the Right of Dissent

Central Washington University is an educational institution; it is not a vehicle for political or social action. It appreciates and endorses the fundamental right of dissent, and fully protects and encourages the fair and reasonable exercise of this right by individuals within the university. Because the right of dissent is subject to abuse, the following policies are observed:

1. Individuals associated with Central properly represent a wide variety of viewpoints and attitudes; the university fosters the free expression and interchange of differing views through oral and written discourse and logical persuasion.

2. Dissent should be orderly and peaceful, and represent constructive alternatives reasonably presented. It is recognized that dissent is seldom expressed without emotion.

3. Coercion, threats, demands, obscenity, vulgarity, obstructionism, and violence are not acceptable.

4. Demonstrations, marches, sit-ins, or noisy protests which are designed or intended to or which do disrupt normal academic and institutional pursuits will not be permitted.

5. Classes individually or collectively, and routine operations will not be suspended except for reasonable cause as determined under authority of the university president.

6. Central administrators, faculty, other employees and students are expected to abide by these standards of conduct in promoting their views, particularly dissent.

7. Academic and administrative procedures of the university will protect individuals in their right of free expression, and provide for prompt and appropriate disciplinary action for those who abuse such rights.


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