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CWUP 1-10 Legal Power and Responsibility

1-10-050Powers and Duties
1-10-060Relationship to Other University Bodies

CWUP 1-10-010 Appointment

The board is composed of eight members, one of whom shall be a student. Trustees shall be appointed by the governor of Washington State for six-year terms, except for the student member, with the consent of the Senate (RCW 28B.35.100). Each member is required to subscribe to an oath of office (RCW28B.10.520).

(1) The governor shall select the student member from a list of candidates, of at least three and not more than five, submitted by the governing body of the associated students.

(2) The student member shall hold his or her office for a term of one year from the first day of July and until his or her successor is appointed and qualified. The student member shall be a full-time student in good standing at the university at the time of appointment.

(3) A student trustee shall excuse himself or herself from participation or voting on matters relating to the hiring, discipline, or tenure of faculty members and personnel.

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CWUP 1-10-020 Authorization

The board of trustees is authorized and operates under the provision of RCW 28B.35.120. The powers and duties of the board of trustees shall be as prescribed by statute and such other powers and duties as are provided for herein or as are necessary for the government of the university.

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CWUP 1-10-030 Meetings

The board shall hold a regular meeting at least once each calendar quarter, and may establish a schedule of regular meetings. Special meetings may be called at any time on or off campus by the chair or by any five members by giving notice of such meetings to all members. Any matters relating to the administration of the university may be considered at any meeting, whether special or regular, and five members shall constitute a quorum.

(1) All regular meetings, all special meetings, and all study sessions with a quorum of the board of trustees present excepting those portions specifically declared "executive sessions" as allowed by law shall be open to the public. A written agenda with supporting material shall be made available to the members of the board approximately one week in advance of announced meetings and except by action of the board, matters not included on that agenda or in written supplements made available prior to the meeting will not be acted upon in that meeting.

(2) All matters placed upon the written agenda shall be transmitted to the secretary to the board.

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CWUP 1-10-040 Officers

The board shall elect a chair and vice chair each year at the summer retreat to take office on September 1. The chair shall call meetings and preside. In his or her absence, the vice chair shall preside. (See Constitution of the Board of Trustees).

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CWUP 1-10-050 Powers and Duties

The twelve itemized general powers and duties listed under RCW 28B.35.120 shall be carried out by the board in addition to any other powers and duties described by law, and shall include but not be limited to review and approval of the budget, review of the fiscal audits of the university, approval of all degree program additions and deletions, setting tuition and fees within state guidelines, unless otherwise delegated to the president, and approval of employee bargaining agreements, the faculty  code, and student policies. The board delegates to the president/designee, the authority to approve services and activities fee supplemental allocations up to $25,000 and all course fees and academic and non-academic program fees.

The board will regularly review the mission statement/strategic plan of the university. Annually, the board evaluates, either verbally or in writing, the president, based on written or verbal criteria established by the board, information gleaned from the board meetings, communications received, strategic plan accomplishments, and/or any other criteria as determined by the board of trustees.  At least once every five (5) years the board will conduct a formal 360° evaluation process on the president.

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CWUP 1-10-060 Relationship to Other University Bodies

Unless as provided in specific board-approved policy, all substantive recommendations of university groups are subject to approval by the president of the university, who will transmit them to the board for review or action. The board of trustees may delegate to university groups or individuals certain appropriate operating responsibilities, provided that such delegation shall in no way set aside the authority or final responsibility of the president of the university, nor the policies or authority of the board of trustees itself. All such delegated responsibility may be revoked by the board of trustees by action in regular meeting.

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CWUP 1-10-070 Removal

No member of the board shall be removed during the term of office for which he or she is appointed, excepting only for misconduct or malfeasance in office (RCW 28B.10.500).
(1) A trustee may resign by notifying the governor in writing.

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