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CWUP 1-10-050 Powers and Duties

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CWUP 1-10-050 Powers and Duties

The twelve itemized general powers and duties listed under RCW 28B.35.120 shall be carried out by the board in addition to any other powers and duties described by law, and shall include but not be limited to review and approval of the budget, review of the fiscal audits of the university, approval of all degree program additions and deletions, setting tuition and fees within state guidelines, unless otherwise delegated to the president, and approval of employee bargaining agreements, the academic code, and student policies. The board delegates to the president/designee, the authority to approve services and activities fee supplemental allocations up to $25,000 and all course fees.

The board will regularly review the mission statement/strategic plan of the university. Annually, the board evaluates, either verbally or in writing, the president based on written or verbal criteria established by the board, information gleaned from the board meetings, communications received, strategic plan accomplishments and/or any other criteria as determined by the board of trustees.  At least once every five (5) years the board will conduct a formal 360° evaluation process on the president.

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