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CWUP 1-10-030 Meetings

The board shall hold a regular meeting at least once each calendar quarter, and may establish a schedule of regular meetings. Special meetings may be called at any time on or off campus by the chair or by any five members by giving notice of such meetings to all members. Any matters relating to the administration of the university may be considered at any meeting, whether special or regular, and five members shall constitute a quorum.

(1) All regular meetings, all special meetings, and all study sessions with a quorum of the board of trustees present excepting those portions specifically declared "executive sessions" as allowed by law shall be open to the public. A written agenda with supporting material shall be made available to the members of the board approximately one week in advance of announced meetings and except by action of the board, matters not included on that agenda or in written supplements made available prior to the meeting will not be acted upon in that meeting.

(2) All matters placed upon the written agenda shall be transmitted to the secretary to the board.

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