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Resource Management Graduate Program


Picture of Tracy Andrews boating.

Andrews, Tracy (Anthropology) 
Research interests: Ecological/natural resources anthropology; human-environment interactions; political ecology; ecological restoration and co-management; environment & health; North America; indigenous peoples


Archer, Kevin (Geography)
Research interests: Culture and Globalization, Social Production of Nature

Auslander, Mark (Anthropology)
Research interests: Sociocultural anthropology, museum anthropology, art and aesthetics, meaning in the material world, symbolic mediation, ritual and performance theory, historical anthropology, race and class, engaged anthropology, slavery studies, contemporary African and Diasporic art

Barlow, Kathleen (Anthropology) 
Research interests: Cultural anthropology; Museum studies; Culture and politics of natural resource extraction; Museums and cultural heritage; Pacific

Beck, Daniel (Biological Sciences) 
Research interests: Terrestrial ecology; Wildlife; Conservation biology

Bowen, John (Geography) 
Research interests: Human geography; Economic development; Air transportation; Global production networks; Quantitative methods; Southeast Asia

Cohen , Ken (Recreation & Tourism) 
Research interests: Sustainable tourism; Resource-based recreation; Community development; Community capacity building and strategic planning

Cottrell, Tom (Biology) 
Research interests: Plant ecology in areas of fire disturbance; Rare plant habitats

Delgado, Elvin (Geography)
Research interests: Energy and Capitalism, Political Economy and Nature, Critical Resource Geography and Political Ecology

Ely, Lisa (Geological Sciences) 
Research interests: Fluvial geomorphology; Quaternary Geology; Paleohydrology

Ernest, Kristina (Biological Sciences) 
Research interests: Terrestrial ecology; Plant-animal interactions; Wildlife biology

Fallshore, Marte (Psychology) 
Research interests: Environmental decision-making and education; Conservation psychology


Gabriel, Anthony (Geography) 
Research interests: Physical and resource geography; Resource analysis; Shoreline inventory and assessment; Coastal geomorphology and hazards: Aesthetic evaluation; Ecological characterization of aquatic systems; Lakes and watersheds in the Columbia Basin; Pacific Northwest 

Gazis, Carey (Geological Sciences) 
Research interests: Geochemistry of fluid-rock interaction in the Earth's crust

Hackenberger, Steven (Anthropology) 
Research interests: Archaeology; Paleoecology; Cultural resource management; CWU NAGPRA, National Park Service Kennewick studies; Archaeological repositories; Museum education; Columbia Plateau; Eastern Caribbean Islands


Henebry-DeLeon, Lourdes (Anthropology) 
Research interests: Forensic Anthropology; NAGPRA

Herman, Daniel (History) 
Research interests: Nineteenth-century American West; American Indian history; American cultural history

Hickey, Robert (Geography) 
Research interests: GIS; Remote Sensing; Environmental analysis; Economic Geology; Australia

James, Paul (Biological Sciences) 
Research interests: Fisheries management; Fish ecology

Kovalerchuk, Boris (Computer Science) 
Research interests: Fusion and mining of electronic data from GIS and other applications

Kuhlken, Robert (Geography) 
Research interests: Cultural geography; Urban and regional planning; Environmental literature; Historical geography; Pacific Northwest; American West; Oceania

Lillquist, Karl (Geography) 
Research interests: Geomorphology; Soils; Watersheds; Arid Environments; Mountain Environments; Environmental Change; Western North America

Lipton, Jennifer (Geography) 
Research interests: Cultural and political ecology; Landscape ecology; Geospatial techniques; conservation; Climate change; Mountain environments; Latin America

Lorenz, Joseph (Anthropology) 
Research interests: DNA forensics; Ancient DNA; Genetic variation within/among populations; DNA barcoding; Conservation genetics

Lubinski, Patrick (Anthropology) 
Research interests: Archaeology; Zooarchaeology; CRM; Hunting strategies; Mammalian and fish biogeography; Mammoths; Washington state; Rocky Mountains

Matheson, Megan (Psychology) 
Research interests: Animal Behavior and Conservation

Picture of Patrick McCutcheon.

McCutcheon, Patrick (Anthropology) 
Research interests: Archaeology; Geoarchaeology; CRM; Cultural and natural resource management in Mount Rainier National Park; Archaeological inventory on Saddle Mountains BLM lands; Mississippi River Valley

McMullin-Messier, Pamela (Sociology)
Research interests: Demography, Collective Action, Environmental Justice, Hazards, and Gender


Novak, Mathew (Geography)
Research interests: Urban, Historical, GIS, Planning

Picture of Micheal Ogden.

Ogden, Michael (Communication) 
Research interests: Documentary; Visual ethnography; Technology's impacts on indigenous societies

Picture of Michael Pease.

Pease, Michael (Geography)
Research interests: Water resource management; Resource allocations; Environmental policy

Picture of Lene Pedersen.

Pedersen, Lene (Anthropology) 
Research interests: Cultural anthropology: Symbolic, ecological and visual anthropology; Role of traditional institutions in a globalizing world; Resource management; Indigenous rights; Gender

Picture of Holly Pinkart.

Pinkart, Holly (Biological Sciences) 
Research interests: Microbiology; Microbial ecology; Biogeochemistry; Molecular ecology

Picture of Charles Reasons.

Reasons, Charles (Law and Justice) 
Research interests: Legal research and legal issues in resource management

Picture of Craig Revels.

Revels, Craig (Geography) 
Research interests: Cultural geography; Historical geography; Cultural and environmental impacts of resource extraction and production; Latin America, American West

Picture of Lori Sheeran.

Sheeran, Lori (Anthropology) 
Research interests: Biological anthropology; Primate ecology; Interdisciplinary research in Yellow Mountains World Heritage Site China (with Psychology and Biology)

Toni Sipic (Economics)
Research interests: Environmental economics; Political economy; Industrial organization

Picture of Steven R. Wagner.

Wagner, R. Steven (Biological Sciences) 
Research interests: Biodiversity decline; Population viability assessment; Conservation genetics

Picture of Megan Walsh.

Walsh, Megan (Geography) 
Research interests: Biogeography; Paleoecology; Fire history of the Pacific Northwest; Past human-environment interactions; Climate change; Oregon; Washington; Mexico; Belize

Picture of Penglin Wang.

Wang, Penglin (Anthropology) 
Research interests: Linguistic and Cultural Anthropology; Endangered languages; Asia

Picture of Charles Wassell.

Wassell, Charles (Economics) 
Research interests: Economics; Mathematical modeling of economic issues with policy implications

Picture of Rex Wirth.

Wirth, Rex (Political Science) 
Research interest : Public administration; International politics