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ResNet Residential Network Support

Speed / Bandwidth Plans

CWU currently has over 2700 students connecting to the ethernet connection. The total bandwidth of ResNet's Internet connection is around 400Mbps.

The ResNet Premium Package allows users to have twice the speed of basic ResNet and twice the download cap. If you are interested in this package, sign up through the ResNet Portal.

Basic Package:

Speed2.0 Mbps
Quota4 GB / Day
CostIncluded with residence


Premium Package:

Speed4.0 Mbps
Quota8 GB / Day
Cost$15 per month


* When you sign up, you will be charged for the remainder of the quarter (example, if there are exactly 2 months left in the quarter, you will see a charge for $30.00). Billing will be charged directly to your student account.  Students in Brooklane, Getz-Short and Wahle will need to contact Fairpoint directly to establish premium service.