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Two Year Majors

  • The following major programs can be completed in two years if a student transfers to CWU with an associates degree.
  • Some of these major programs may require a student to start in specific courses their first quarter at CWU or require a student to begin the program Fall quarter.
  • Refer to specific College & Department pages for more information and to verify courses that may need to be taken the student's first quarter.
  • Majors with an asterisk (*) require a minor or second major.
  • Majors with two asterisks (**) require concurrent enrollment in either the Professional Education Program, Secondary Education Major, or STEM Teaching Program.


Anthropology Small Plan BA (45)*

Anthropology Large Plan BA (62)

Anthropology BS (74)

Apparel, Textiles & Merchandising BS (79)

Applied Mathematics BS (76)

Art BA (73-75)

Asian Studies BA (61-65)

Aviation Management BS, Aviation Management Specialization (78-92)

Aviation Management BS, Maintenance Management Specialization (89)

Aviation: Professional Piolt BS, Commercial Pilot Specialization (90)


Biology BA (62-71)

Business and Marketing Education BS (63-64)**


Chemistry BA (79-80)

Communication Studies BA (75)

Craft Brewing BS (72)


Dance BA (67)

Digital Journalism BA (75)


Early Childhood Education BAEd (Non-Certification Option) (50)*

English Language & Literature BA (72)

English Language Arts Teaching BA (70)**

English Professional & Creative Writing BA (74)


Family and Child Life BS, Child Development Specialization (90)

Family and Child Life BS, Family Science Specialization (81)

Family and Consumer Sciences Career and Technical Education Teaching Major BS (67-68)**

Family and Consumer Sciences BA (51)*

Film BA (75)

Food Science & Nutrition BS, Foods & Nutrition Specialization (75-76)

French BA (45)*


Geography BS, Environmental & Resource Geography Specialization (85-90)

Geography BS, GIScience Specialization (83-86)

Geography BA (65)

Geology BA (77-85)

Global Wine Trade BS (67)


History (Large Plan) BA (74)

History (Small Plan) BA (59)*

History Social Studies Teaching BA (77-79)**

Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management BS, Event Management Specialization (88)

Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management BS, Hospitality Management Specialization (88)

Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management BS, Tourism Management Specialization (88)


Instructional Foundations BA (60)

Interdisciplinary Studies (Large Plan) BS (62)

Interdisciplinary Studies (Small Plan) BS (47)*

ITAM BAS, Administrative Management Specialization (70-72)

ITAM BAS, Cybersecurity Specialization (71-73)

ITAM BAS, Data-driven Innovation for IT Managers Specialization (81-84)

ITAM BAS, Information Technology Specialization (69-71)

ITAM BAS, Project Management Specialization (66-68)


Japanese (Large Plan) BA (60)

Japanese (Small Plan) BA (45)*


Law and Justice BA (68)

Liberals Studies Large Plan BA (65)

Liberals Studies Large PLan BA (45)*


Mathematics (Small Plan) BS (73)

Mathematics: Middle-Level Education BA (51)**

Mathematics: Secondary Education BA (61)**

Middle-level Humanities Teaching BA (78)**

Music BA (70)


Personal Financial Planning BS (90)

Philosophy (Large Plan) BA (60)

Philosophy (Small Plan) BA (50)*

Physical Education and Schol Helath BS (85)**

Physics BA (83)

Political Science (Large Plan) BA (62)

Political Science (Small Plan) BA (47)*

Primate Behavior and Ecology BS (70-76)

Psychology (Large Plan) BA (60)

Psychology (Small Plan) BA (45)*

Public Health BS, Population Health Specialization (90)

Public Policy BS (51-57)*

Public Relations BA (75)


Religious Studies (Large Plan) BA (60)

Religious Studies (Small Plan) BA (50)*

Russian Studies BA (45)*


Science: Middle-Level Education BA (45-46)*,**

Social Services BS (66)

Sociology (Large Plan) BA (60)

Sociology (Small Plan) BA (45)*

Spanish BA (50)*

Special Education (P-12) Broad Area BAEd (70)**

Special Education (P-12) BAEd (47-55)**

Sport Management BS, Recreation Management Specialization (70)

Sport Management BS, Sport Business Specialization (65)

Sport Management BS, Sport Coaching Specialization (62)

Supply Chain Management BAS (90)


Technology Education Broad Area BS (85-88)**

Technology Education BS (71)**

Theatre Education BFA (58)**

Theatre Studies BA (75)


Wine Studies BS, Global Wine Studies Specialization (76)

Wine Studies BS, Wine Industry Management Specialization (77)

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies BA (46-48)*

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