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Residency Home and General Information


Please help us process residency applications in a timely manner by reviewing this residency website for information on residency requirements. If you have questions, please email or contact us during office hours.

Understanding Washington State Residency

Top 5 Questions

1. How do I obtain residency in Washington for tuition purposes?

2. Where is the residence questionnaire application?

3. I am a Washington resident, but went to school out of state. What do I do?

4. When is the deadline to submit the application?

5. How much is in-state tuition?



To be considered a resident for tuition purposes, a student must be a U.S Citizen, U.S Permanent Resident card holder (for at least one year), approved for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) immigration status, or have a qualifying visa.

To be classified/reclassified as residents, for tuition and fee purposes, students must establish bona fide domicile* in the state of Washington for purposes other than education for the period of one year immediately prior to classification as residents.

Non-resident students who are enrolled for more than 6 credits per quarter, shortly after arriving in Washington State, are presumed to be in Washington for primarily educational purposes. These students are not eligible for the in-state tuition rate until proven that they have established bona fide domicile* in fact and can provide all supporting domicile documentation, demonstrating establishment of at least one year prior to the quarter of residence questionnaire application.

*For more specific information on bona fide domicile, please reference the Residency FAQs.


Residency Guideline Sources

Residency policies are set by the Washington legislature and applied uniformly throughout Washington’s colleges and universities. For more details regarding residency classification, please reference the following links to read the relevant Revised Code of Washington and Washington Administrative Code:


Residency Forms

Residence Questionnaire Application

Affidavit for American Indian Students

Affidavit for Active Duty Military Personnel

Affidavit for Washington National Guard Members

Affidavit for Veterans

Affidavit for Non-Resident Refugees/Asylees

Affidavit of Residency for HB-1079 Applicants

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