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How To Manage Your Class Enrollments

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What you should know

  • Using permission numbers will override requisite checking - this goes for the change of schedule forms - therefore, when you sign a change of schedule form, if you want to override requisites, you need to circle the override requisite.

  • Students early register by class standing (with the exception of student who applied for graduation, DSS, SSS and CAMP students) for fall, winter and spring quarters.

    • DSS, SSS (TRIO), Graduating Seniors, GR and PB, SR, JR, SO, FR, and on the last few days of early registration students with 100 credit major holds can register.
  • Requisites can not be enforced, if they are not approved by the curriculum committee. Therefore, any requisite must be stated in the catalog in order to enforce it in MyCWU.

  • Academic policy states that students may enroll in a course that is one level above their class standing. Example: Freshmen, can register for a 200 level course, but they can not register for a 300 or 400 level class. Keep in mind that MyCWU does not check for the class standing requisite, therefore, you need to review your class roster, if you have a student that is not eligible for your course based on their class standing, you can send an email notifying us to drop the students due to not meeting the class standing requisite. We will drop the student, and notify them by email.

Class Enrollments Options

  • Waitlist: Utilize the MyCWU waitlist process to track the demand on courses. Review the MyCWU Waitlist functionality document.
    • You set up your waitlist limits when you create your quarterly schedule. You can have 0-999 waitlist seats. Therefore, you may want to discuss with your Associate Dean to determine how you want to handle the waitlist.
    • Waitlist are only run through the second day of the change of schedule period.
    • Once the third day of classes starts, you will need to sign in your students who were on the waitlist.
  • Class Demand Report: Available in the Reports database to track demand on courses. This query counts the number of failed registration attempts per class section based on unique CWUID numbers. It will only count a student once per class section regardless of the number of attempts. However, it will not remove an attempt count from a section, if the student is enrolled in a different section of the same course.
    • CWSR_ENROLL_CLASS_DEMAND_B (by department) or


  • Enrollment Report: The enrollment report should be monitored frequently. The Registrar does send out the entire University Enrollment report to all Deans. However, I would recommend that the Department Chair run the enrollment report by academic org (EX: ACCTDEPT) or campus (EX: DESMO). This report will display the Enrollment Cap, Enrollment Total, Reserve Cap, Reserve Total, Wait Cap, and Wait Total.
    • CWSRD_ENROLL_REPORT_BY_DEPT_B (by academic org)
    • CWSRD_ENROLL_REPORT_ALL_MEET (shows all meeting patterns of a class, not just the first meeting pattern)
    • CWSRD_ENROLL_REPORT_ALL (Term prompt only, and shows only 1 meeting pattern)


  • Reserve Seats: You can use the reserve seat capability to reserve seats based on student groups, class standing or major. Reserve Capacities are used in Safari to "set aside" a certain number of class seats for students of a certain type (Orientation students, Continuing Freshmen, etc.) For example, if a class has an overall enrollment capacity of 40, you could use Reserve Capacities to reserve 10 of those seats for Continuing Freshmen, and 10 seats for students in Freshman Orientations.
    • Reserve Capacities use Enrollment Requirements (same as Pre-Requisites and Co-Requisites) to designate the criteria for the particular reserved seats. Note: Reserve Capacities can only be used for Enrollment type sections (e.g. Lectures not zero-credit labs).
    • In order to set-up reserve seat limits, you should identify those reserve seats prior to early registration. The easiest and most efficient way to do this is to create a spreadsheet, and determine for each class section how many seats you want reserved for special groups. You should then obtain the approval of your Associate Dean, who can submit the request to our Academic Scheduling team, by emailing
    • Departments can only set reserve capacities on their own classes, but we ask you to consider needs of other departments, if you are setting reserve seats on courses that serve other programs.
    • Reserve course are effective dated, so the capacities will not be rolled from quarter to quarter. Therefore, you will need to set new reserve capacities each quarter as you should be reviewing course demand each quarter.


  • Check Attendance: Faculty should check their class rosters during change of schedule and periodically throughout the quarter. Faculty can send an email to to notify the Registrar to drop a student, if they have not attended at all during the first three class meetings or the equivalent of 3-50 minute meetings. This will allow other students that are still trying to add classes the opportunity to enroll in the class, or get signed in by the instructor. Keep in mind, if it is past the second day of the change of schedule period you will need to sign the student in on a "Change of Schedule Form".

  • Enrollment Comparison Report: Ask the Registrar to run this report periodically throughout the quarter. This is a quarter to quarter comparison. This is not a report you can run from the reports database. It is a specialized report that requires some manual intervention.

  • Faculty/Staff links: Registrar Services has created a Faculty and Staff menu drop-down located (to your left) in the left hand menu. Links are available to:
    • Academic Scheduling
    • CPORT communications
    • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
    • Managing Your Enrollments
    • Security Policy
    • Wait List Policy
    • Grades


  • Project Management: If you have a report that is not currently available in the reports database, send in a request for a modification to a report, or for a new report. You can navigate to the IS Team Dynamix page, and select "Request Service", complete the information, and your request will be routed to the appropriate ITS team member to work on your request. Try to give plenty of lead time on your requests.


  • Use this link to view a variety of tutorials and how to guides for MyCWU.


If you have questions, please contact the Registrars office at 509-963-3001

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