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Graduation Application Deadlines


If you are done with classes:You should apply for graduation by:
Fall Quarter 2014July 3, 2014
Winter Quarter 2015October 3, 2014
Spring Quarter 2015January 16, 2015
Summer Quarter 2015April 10, 2015
Fall Quarter 2015July 2, 2015
Winter Quarter 2016October 2, 2015
Spring Quarter 2016January 15, 2016
Summer Quarter 2016April 8, 2016

Applying for a Bachelor's Degree

Application for the Bachelor's degree must be filed by the Friday of the second week of instruction of the quarter preceding planned graduation.

Exceptions to university graduation requirements must be petitioned to the registrar. Approval of exceptions must be obtained from the general education committee department or program chair and responsible dean where appropriate. Exceptions in majors or minors and teacher preparation programs must be approved by the appropriate department chair and college dean or designee.