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Customer Survey

1. Were you served in a timely manner?
2. Were we courteous and professional?
3. Did you receive the assistance you needed to achieve your goal today?
4. Was the person who assisted you knowledgeable about your rights and responsibilities?
5. Was the person who assisted you friendly?
6. Was the person who assisted you polite?
7. Did we make you feel like a valued customer?
8. Did you get the information you needed?
ExcellentAbove AverageAverageBelow AveragePoor
9. How would you rate the ease of web registration using Safari?
10. How would you rate the ability to navigate or find your student information?
11. Were you able to run a CAPS report?
12. If you are a transfer student, was it easy to find your transfer credit report?
13. Was your transfer credit information posted in a timely manner?

The following information is optional. However, if you would like someone to follow-up on your request, please fill out the below information: