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Registrar Services
Bouillon Hall 140
(509) 963-3001

Contact Us


Registrar Services is located in room 140 of Bouillon Hall. If you have general questions you may contact us by dialing (509) 963-3001 or by e-mailing If you know the area, or person, you want to contact you can find direct contact information below.


Phone: (509) 963-3001 Email:
Image- contact card: Arturo Torres, Registrar; email to; phone number 5099633001  
Image- contact card: Tina Morefield, Assistant to the Registrar; email to; phone number 5099633012 Image- contact card: Rose Spodobalski-Brower, Associate Registrar; email to; phone number 5099633524



Assists students and faculty in getting students enrolled into courses, grading, and act as the initial and primary customer service point of contact for all of Registrar Services.
Phone: (509) 963-3001 Email:
Image- contact card: Dawn Varnum, Enrollment Center Supervisor; email to; phone number 5099633033 Image- contact card: Joey Thornton, Enrollment Assistant; email to; phone number 5099633114
Image- contact card: Jerry Witron, Enrollment Assistant; email to; phone number 5099633062 Image- contact card: Ivy Hillemann , Enrollment Assistant; email to; phone number 5099633003



Responsible for the secure storage and maintenance of all student academic records, and coordinate the issuance all official CWU transcripts and verification of enrollment letters.

Phone: (509) 963-3047

Fax- (509) 963-1230


Image- Contact Card: Dallon Campbell, Records Assistant email:; phone: 509-963-3030  


Degree Checkout & Transfer Articulation-

Perform final reviews of student’s academic history to ensure compliance with all program and University requirements, awards undergraduate degrees, and reviews student’s transfer course work to determine CWU equivalency

Phone- (509) 963-3524

Fax- (509) 963-1230


Image- contact card: Joe Sheeran, Credentials Evaluator; email to; phone number 5099633554 Image- contact card: Stephanie Hubbard, Credentials Evaluator; email to; phone number 5099632676
Image- contact card: Karen Malella, Credentials Evaluator; email to; phone number 5099631207 Image- contact card: Jen Ham, Credentials Evaluator; email to; phone number 5099633045
Image- Contact Card: Brianne Kreppein, Credentials Evaluator College of the Sciences; email:; Phone: 509-963-3038  



Ensures the accuracy and publishes both the Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs and the Registration Handbook. Also, maintains all approved curriculum and assists with the curriculum process as needed.
Image- contact card: Cindy Carleton, Catalog Coordinator; email to; phone number 5099632637  



Coordinates the schedule of academic courses and all related facilities and equipment.

Phone- (509) 963-3004          Email-

no picture, Amy Alder, email to, phone number 5099633004 no picture, Louise Smart, email to, phone number 5099633058


Other Staff-

Continuing Education Support


Provides assistance with scheduling and enrollment for the Office of Continuing Education and the High School Partnerships office which includes the Running Start and CWU College in the High School Programs.

no picture, Patti Minshul, Program Assistant, email to, phone number 5099631503

Web & Technical Support-

no picture, Mike Gimlin, Registrar Process Analyst, email to, phone number 5099631255 Updates and maintains the content of the Registrar Services web pages, serves as intermediary between Registrar staff and IT personnel, and assists with all technical aspects of Registrar Services.


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