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2002 - 2003 Education

(Teacher Preparation)

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is the unit for the Teacher Certification program at Central Washington University. Although it is the responsibility of the entire University to prepare our teachers, the CTL serves as the mechanism for a systematic curricular collaboration and communication among the departments that offer teacher education programs, as well as professional programs in school administration, school counseling and school psychology.

Constructivism serves as the philosophical foundation for our teacher preparation program, as we strive to prepare teachers who are facilitators of learning in a diverse world. Endorsement area departments within the CTL Unit are responsible for preparing teachers to be knowledge specialists while the Professional Education Program prepares candidates to master the art and science of teaching. Teacher certification requires completion of an endorsement specialist strand leading to a State primary endorsement and completion of the required Professional Education Program.

A description of offerings in two departments immediately follows. These are the Department of Curriculum and Supervision and the Department of Teacher Education Programs. The Department of Curriculum and Supervision offers the Professional Education Programs, applicable to all students seeking an initial teaching certificate. The Department of Teacher Education Programs administers programs leading to endorsements in Bilingual Education, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Reading, Special Education and English as a Second Language. Following is a list of teaching endorsement programs offered by the university along with their administering departments. Unless otherwise indicated, they are offered at the undergraduate level. It is important that you seek information from the administering department and the Teacher Certification Office regarding details about teaching endorsements.


Administering Department

Art (Visual Arts)


Bilingual Education

Education: Teacher Education Programs


Biological Sciences




Theatre Arts

Early Childhood Education

Education: Teacher Education Programs

Earth Science

Geological Sciences

Elementary Education

Education: Teacher Education Programs



English as a Second Language

Education: Teacher Education Programs

English/Language Arts


Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences

Foreign (World) Languages

Foreign Languages


Physical Education, Health Education and Leisure Services

Library Media

Education: Curriculum and Supervision (only Graduate)

Marketing Education

Administrative Management and Business Education



Music: General, Choral and Instrumental





Education: Teacher Education Programs (also Graduate)

Science: Broad Area

Science Education

Social Studies

Social Science

Special Education: K-12 and Birth-3

Education: Teacher Education Programs


Industrial and Engineering Technology

Requirements for Secondary School Teaching

Students preparing to teach at the secondary level (junior and senior high school) must complete a major in a subject area in which a full-time teaching assignment normally can be expected (see list of appropriate majors in the Divisions of Instruction, College of Education and Professional Studies section of the catalog.) Majors of 60 or more credits do not require an accompanying minor. Students preparing to teach on the secondary level must be advised in the appropriate academic departments. In addition to completing the required professional courses via Option I or Option II, students in secondary teaching majors must take EDCS 424, Reading in the Content Field.