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2001 - 2002 Transfer Credit

In general, it is the University's policy to accept credits earned through university-level courses at institutions fully accredited by their respective regional accrediting association. A student may transfer no more than 135 credits, including a maximum of 90 credits from community college. Credits are evaluated toward meeting degree requirements by the Office of the Registrar based upon official transcripts.

Transfer courses equivalent to CWU courses will apply toward the baccalaureate degree. Other transfer courses that are not exact equivalents may also be accepted and allowed as general electives in the degree program with approval.

Credits earned at institutions which are not fully accredited by a regional accrediting association are not accepted. Consideration for exception to this policy may be made by written petition to the Dean of College after demonstrating success at the University by earning a minimum of 45 credits with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.

The University endorses the Policy on Inter-College Transfer and Articulation Among Washington Public Colleges and Universities published by the Higher Education Coordinating Board. The policy deals with the rights and responsibilities of transfer students and the review and appeal process in transfer credit disputes. For more detailed information, contact the Registrar Services.

The University will accept a maximum of 90 community college credits. Additional coursework which exceeds that amount may be used to meet specific requirements but additional credits will not be allowed. Credits earned in courses numbered 100 and above are generally accepted provided the courses require university-level study. Credits earned in lower division courses (normally numbered 100/200) will not be allowed toward meeting upper division credit requirements.

Academic Associate degrees which are part of direct transfer agreements between the University and Washington community colleges will meet the general education requirement of a bachelor's degree. Community colleges offer several kinds of Associate degrees, therefore, students who plan to transfer to the University should check with their counselors to make sure they are enrolled in the appropriate degree program. Students who earned the AA degree prior to the date of direct transfer agreement between the University and individual community colleges may petition the Provost or his designee for acceptance of their degree to meet general education requirements.

Transfer students without a transferrable associate degee from a Washington state community college wishing to complete such a degree must complete it by the time they have completed 45 credits or one calendar year, whichever comes earlier, after initial enrollment at Central in order for the AA degree to satisfy the general education requirements at Central Washington University.

Academic transfer associate of arts degrees from a college or university outside Washington state accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges will meet the general education requirements of a bachelor's degree.

Other Forms of Credit

The University recognizes college credit from a number of non-traditional sources, including Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and Military Service and Correspondence. Up to 45 quarter credits can be earned from these programs.

Advanced Placement Credit

Students may receive credit or advanced placement, or both, depending upon the scores achieved in the College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement Test (AP). Students must request that their AP test scores be sent to the Academic Services Office at Central. Scores of 3 or better on Advanced Placement Examination will be awarded as free electives for departments without specific policy.

Department        AP Score    CWU Credit

Art                  4, 5          No credit or 
                                   advanced placement

Biology              3             Credit for BISC 104.

                     4, 5          Credit for any two of BISC
                                   104, 110, 111, 112.

Chemistry            3             Exempt from CHEM 181,
                                   181.1; credit awarded upon
                                   successful completion of
                                   CHEM 182.

                     4             Exempt from CHEM 181,
                                   181.1, 182, 182.1; credit
                                   for both courses awarded
                                   upon successful completion
                                   of CHEM 183 and CHEM 183.1.

                     5             Credit for CHEM 181,
                                   181.1, 182, 182.1, 183

Computer Science A   3, 4,         Credit for C S 110.
Computer Science A   5             Credit for C S 110,111.
Computer Science AB  3, 4          Credit for C S 110,111
Computer Science AB  5             Credit for C S 110,111,301

  Micro Economics    3             Credit for ECON 201.
  Macro Economics    3             Credit for ECON 202.

  Lang and Comp      3, 4, 5       Credit for ENG 101.
  Lit and Comp       3, 4, 5       Credit for ENG 105.

Foreign              3             Credit for 251. 
Languages (all)
                     4             Credit for 251, 252.
                     5             Credit for 251, 252, 253.

U.S. History         3             Credit for either 
                                   HIST 143 or 144.

                     4             Credit for either HIST 143 
                                   or HIST 144, with 
                                   exemption for majors in
                                   the other. (Majors will be 
                                   required to take an 
                                   additional 5 credits of 
                                   upper division U.S. 

                     5             Credit for HIST 143 and
                                   HIST 144.

European History     3             Credit for either HIST 
                                   102 or 103.

                     4, 5          Credit for either HIST 102
                                   or HIST 103 with exemption 
                                   for majors in the other.
                                   (Majors will be required
                                   to take 5 additional
                                   credits in upper division
                                   non-Western history.)

Mathematics AB       3, 4, 5       Credit for Math 172.1.
Mathematics BC       3, 4, 5       Credit for Math 172.1 and
Math Statistics      3, 4, 5       Credit for Math 311

Music                4, 5          No credit for advanced

Physics B            4, 5          Exemption from PHYS 111,
                                   111.1, 112, 112.1, 113,

Physics C
  Mechanics          4, 5          Exemption from PHYS 181,
  Electricity and    4, 5          Exemption from PHYS 
  Magnetism                        182, 182.1.

Political Science
  American Govt      5             Waive POSC 210.
  Comparative        5             Waive POSC 260.

Psychology           4             Credit for PSY 101.

Scores of 3 or better on Advanced Placement Examination will be awarded as free electives for departments without specific policy.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Students will be awarded five college-level quarter credits for each score at the 50th percentile on the CLEP Humanities, Social Science/History, and Natural Sciences examinations. These credits will meet the General Education requirements in the appropriate areas. Students may also be awarded credit for Subject examinations as determined by appropriate academic departments at the time of application for credit.

No more than 45 total quarter credits through CLEP or other sources of non-traditional credit may apply to graduation. Other sources of non-traditional credit include Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), military education experience or correspondence credit. CLEP credit is not awarded for English.


 International Baccalaureate (IB)

Central Washington University recognizes the International Baccalaureate Program as a coherent, challenging course of study and responds individually to each participant's petition for award of college credit. Students may be awarded credit for completing individual areas of study within the program. IB students should submit transcripts to the Office of the Registrar who will review their program of study with appropriate department chair for acceptance of examination scores.

Non-U.S. College/University Credit

Credit will be accepted from non-U.S. institutions of higher education when (1) it has been earned at an institution linked to CWU either by a bilateral or consortial (e.g., ISEP) agreement, or when an institution has been certified by the CWU Office of International Studies and Programs as a legitimate, recognized institution of higher education (tertiary level) within a particular country, and (2) the student has received a passing grade recognized by the institution, and (3) an official record or transcript has been received by the University.

Credit for Military Service

Upon submission of the DD 214 or DD295, matriculated students may receive up to 30 lower division elective credits for completion of military schools as recommended by the American Council on Education.

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