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2000 - 2001 A Letter From the President

A letter to Central Washington University Faculty, Staff, and Students.


A Welcome from President McIntyre

Central Washington University provides a personal approach to an excellent comprehensive university education, and helps students develop the many facets of their lives: intellectual, professional, social, ethical, cultural, and creative. We invite you to explore this publication for answers to questions you may have about our campus and its wealth of programs and opportunities.

You’ll find here something about our origins and mission, about who we serve and what our goals are, about what courses students can take, what is required for majors, minors, and degrees, and how programs are structured and governed. You’ll learn about the quarterly calendar and what to expect by way of expenses, what credits you can transfer and how you can be admitted as an undergraduate or graduate student. You’ll also gain an introduction to who we are as a faculty and administration dedicated to helping students succeed.

We serve the state of Washington’s diverse population and beyond, which in turn gives our students opportunities to understand and value different cultures, ethnic groups, and life circumstances. These are essential to prosper in a world economy that is ever more closely linked to our own well-being.

I am pleased to work with all in this vital university community in this first year of the new millennium. I hope this publication serves you well, and that your associations with Central Washington University will be happy and rewarding.



Jerilyn S. McIntyre