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1998 - 1999 Undergraduate Admissions

General Information
Transfer Credits
Home School Applicants
Transfer Applicants
Alternative Admissions
International Students
Concurrent Enrollment
Provisional Enrollment
Admission Confirmation
Withdrawal of Admission
Nonmatriculated Status
HighSchool Enrichment Program
Running Start
Campus Visit

General Information

Central Washington University offers admission to qualified students as they apply. All applicants must submit a completed CWU or Washington State Uniform Application for admission along with a nonrefundable processing fee of $35 in the form of a check or money order. For fall quarter, the Office of Admissions responds to applications soon after Dec. 1 for students who apply before Nov. 15 and within a few weeks for those who apply later. After a sufficient number of students have been offered admission to satisfy enrollment limits, the University may limit offers of admission to only the most highly qualified applicants. Early confirmation is important for timely notification concerning advising, skills testing, and registration.

First-Year Applicants

First-year applicants (students currently enrolled in high school or high school graduates who have earned fewer than 45 college credits) must arrange for current copies of all high school and college transcripts as well as scores from either the ACT or SAT to be sent to the Office of Admissions.

First-year applicants are automatically offered admission if they meet a minimum admissions index, which is determined by a formula that weights high school GPA and standardized test scores in a ratio of approximately 3:1. The formula was developed by the Higher Education Coordinating Board of the State of Washington and is a reliable predictor of academic success. Prior to the beginning of school each fall, Washington state high school counselors are mailed information concerning the admission process and minimum admission index for the following year; this information is also available through the Office of Admissions.

First-year applicants must also complete a core course of studies in high school as proscribed by the Higher Education Coordinating Board. Central Washington University recommends that students take additional courses to prepare them for university level work.

Below are the required and recommended list of courses:


                 Required             Recommended

English          4 years                  4 years

Mathematics      3 years, including       3 years, including
                 algebra and geometry     algebra, geometry,
                                          advanced algebra,

Social Studies   3 years                  3 years, including
                                          U.S. history &

Science          2 years, including       3 years, including
                 1 year of                biology, chemistry
                 laboratory science       or physics

Foreign          2 years of a single      3 years of a single
Language         foreign language         foreign language

Fine & Perform-  1 year of art or music   2 years, 1 year of
ing Arts         or an additional year    art and 1 year of
                 of any of the above      music

Applicants Graduating from High School with Transferable College Credits

Central Washington University will accept, in a manner consistent with normal transfer and equivalency policies, college credit earned during the time that a student is enrolled in high school. Students should recognize, however, that college-credit programs such as Running Start and College in the High School result in complex situations regarding eligibility for admission, class standing, application of credit to specific university programs, etc., and should contact the Office of Admissions as they participate in these programs.

Home School Applicants

Students who have been home schooled must submit their ACT or SAT scores. They must also write a substantial essay that analyzes their academic histories and goals.

Transfer Applicants

Transfer students who have earned 45 or more college credits must arrange for current copies of all college transcripts to be sent to the Office of Admissions. Each year, the University establishes a minimum cumulative GPA for automatic offer of admission. Transfer applicants who do not meet this minimum will be considered for alternative admission if their GPA is above 2.0. Students who have earned transferable associate of arts degrees from accredited Washington state community colleges will receive special consideration for admission as will transfer students for whom transfer is necessary to academic progress.

Alternative Admissions

Central Washington University recognizes that many factors affect grades and test scores; therefore, applicants who have marginal admission indexes are invited to include with their applications any statements or information that they believe will more fully define their potential for academic success.

Students who are 18 or older and have neither completed high school nor 45 credits of college level work elsewhere may be considered for admission if they have earned General Education Development (GED) certificates.

Students 25 or older who have poor academic histories and have not attended school recently are also eligible for alternative admission.

All applicants for alternative admission must submit scores on either the ACT or SAT. Applicants may also be required to complete supplemental application forms, present and analyze their academic histories and goals, and/or meet with representatives of the Academic Services Office.

International Students

Central Washington University welcomes qualified students from other countries. Students demonstrating the greatest potential for success at the university level may be admitted after a thorough review and evaluation of the entire academic background.

Because educational systems vary widely around the world, there is no single, uniform admission requirement for international students; however, they must meet the following minimum requirements for admission purposes:

1. Completion of the academic coursework and national examinations necessary to satisfy admission requirements to colleges and universities in their native country.

2. Adequate financial support, verified by the Confidential Financial Statement form and a current bank letter or scholarship award.

3. If English is not the first language, competency in English must be demonstrated through a score of 525 or higher on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or transferable English composition courses which would meet the general education writing requirement. Competency in English is required before an I-20 is issued.

4. International students transferring from U.S. institutions must have a minimum grade point average of 2.50 in transferable courses and meet the academic requirements for college entrance in their native country.

In addition to submitting the University's International Student Application for Admission and the $35 application fee, students must arrange to have official transcripts sent directly to the Office of Admissions from all secondary schools and colleges attended. Examination results, such as General Certificate of Education, Ordinary and Advanced Level scores, West African School Certificate, Hong Kong Certificate of Education or Advanced Level Certificate, etc., should be sent directly from the Testing Center in charge of administering the examinations. Personal student papers, photostats, or attested copies are not accepted for admission or evaluation purposes. All documents should be sent well in advance (90 days) of the quarter for which the applicant seeks admission.

International Student Concurrent Enrollment

F-1 students enrolled at CWU who plan to take courses at another institution must complete the concurrent enrollment form signed by the international student advisor and the Dean of Academic Services or the Dean of Graduate Studies. CWU requires a minimum course load of 12 credits for undergraduates and 10 credits for graduates at CWU except during the summer quarter. Students who do not have permission to attend another institution will not be granted transfer credit for the courses and are considered out-of-status according to the regulations of the Immigration and Naturalization Services.

Readmission of Former Students

Students enrolled at the CWU Ellensburg campus who interrupt thier studies for one or more quarters at CWU (excluding summer) must reapply for admission to the University and pay the admission fee. Students enrolled at the university centers who interrupt their studies for two or more quarters must reapply for admission and pay the admission feel.

Eligibility for readmission will be based on performance at CWU as well as on additional college-level work. Former students must arrange for transcripts of the additional work to be sent to the office of Admissions if they have attended college elsewhere during their absence.

Provisional Enrollment

Applicants who are not able to provide transcripts or other information required for admission processing may be allowed to enroll provisionally. Provisionally enrolled students have one quarter to complete the admission process and demonstrate their eligibility for regular admission. If a student's complete application file shows that the student is not eligible for automatic or alternative admission, then the student will not be allowed to enroll for the subsequent quarter.

Confirmation of Admission

Students who are offered admission to the University must confirm their intention to enroll by paying a nonrefundable $55 confirmation fee before they can begin the orientation, registration, and advising process. The University will not withdraw an offer of admission until after May 1; after that time students who have not confirmed may be denied admission if enrollment limits have been reached. Students who choose not to accept offers of admission should notify the Office of Admission in writing.

An offer of admission is only valid for the academic quarter indicated in the acceptance letter. A student who chooses not to accept an offer of admission may reapply for a subsequent quarter.

Withdrawal of Offer of Admission

Offers of admission may be withdrawn if a student's academic work between the time of application and the quarter for which the student has applied results in the student not meeting the minimum requirements for automatic admission or other requirements in the offer of admission. If an offer of admission is withdrawn, then the Office of Admissions will refund the confirmation fee.

Applicants for Nonmatriculated Status

Students who are not seeking degrees or certificates may be allowed to enroll in courses as nonmatriculated students. These students should apply through the Office of the Registrar and may be allowed to register for a maximum of nine credits on a space available basis. Credits earned as a nonmatriculated student may not be used to satisfy degree or certificate requirements unless the student applies and is accepted as a matriculated student, in which case a maximum of 45 credits may be applied.

Students who have previously attended Central Washington University as matriculated students and have not obtained a degree and students who have applied and been rejected for undergraduate matriculated status will not be allowed to enroll as nonmatriculated students.

Nonmatriculated students are not eligible for most financial aid, veteran's benefits, credit evaluations, or other services regularly provided for matriculated students.

High School Enrichment Program

Students who have not yet graduated from high school may be allowed to enroll as nonmatriculated students for courses that they need to advance academically, provided that such academic opportunities are not readily available to them elsewhere. To be eligible for the High School Enrichment Program, students must be in either their junior or senior years and have demonstrated superior academic performance or preparation in the area of study for which they are applying.

High School Enrichment applicants must explain in writing their reasons for wanting to attend specific courses at the University and offer arguments for their potential to succeed. They must also meet with the Director of Admissions and have the approval of their high school principal.

Running Start

The University accepts students under the Running Start Program as provided for in RCW 28A.600.300 through RCW 28A.600.400. For automatic admission, Running Start students must meet both first-year and transfer minimum requirements, and must submit either ACT or SAT scores and oficial copies of all academic transcripts. Running Start students are eligible for all first-year scholarships and must live on-campus for one calendar year regardless of number of college credits earned.

Campus Visit

Prospective students, their relatives, and friends may visit the University through the Sampler Program. There is a nominal charge to participate in this program, which enables visitors to spend a night in a residence hall, eat three meals in the cafeteria, tour campus, and hear presentations by Admissions, Housing, and Student Affairs. Sampler staff also arrange for individual meetings with faculty. Sampler visits are available on selected dates throughout the academic year; for information or reservations, students should contact the Office of Admissions, which also provides daily drop-in tours of campus.