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Sport Rules

The Intramural Department is constantly updating the rules for each sport to ensure that all participants have a great time and an equal chance to win the Champion’s T-shirt. Please click on the appropriate sport below to download the complete rules for the league.

Remember to check often, as rules for special events will be posted regularly.

Intramural Sports are added and removed from the schedule quarterly. Below is a list of sports and their rules that we offer annually. The rules in this section may become out of date as we update rules throughout the quarter. If you don't see a sport below or are interested in adding a new sport for the upcoming quarter or year please email

Badminton Rules
Basketball Rules
Basketball (3 on 3)
Billiards (Pool) Rules
Bubble Ball Soccer
Dodgeball Rules
Flag Football
Frisbee Golf
Golf (2-person)
Indoor Football Rules
Indoor Soccer Rules
Inner Tube Water Polo
Outdoor Soccer 7v7
Outdoor Soccer 11v11

Ping Pong
Ultimate Frisbee
Volleyball (court)
Volleyball (grass)

If you have any questions about any of the rules, please contact the Intramural Program, at or 509-963-3511.