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Registration Period

Intramural Deadlines

Make sure to checkout IMLeauges at the start of each or end of each quarter to see what we are offering! Registration starts first day of class and usually goes a week and a half!

Intramural Registration Period
This is your chance to register for all Intramural leagues on All sports and leagues offered can be found on IMLeagues. All teams must be completely registered by 4 p.m. Click here to find out how to completely register.

Intramural Teams
Teams are not complete until they are created on IMLeagues and the team roster meets the minimum number of players requirement!!

Any scheduling requests must be emailed to by 4pm on the last day of early registration.


Intramural Free Agent 
Don't have a team?? Create your account on IMLeagues and follow the free agent instructions.


If you have any questions about any upcoming events, please contact or 509-963-3511.


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