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Meet our Personal Trainers


Taylor Monta

Year in School: Senior

Major: Clinical Physiology

Training Philosophy: My training philosophy is to find a workout that is enjoyable, not everyone is going to enjoy running or TRX, so find something that is fun but still challenging. Make working out a lifestyle and invest in youself mentally and physically. Lastly, be mindful and in the moment when you are working out. 

Formats Taught: One-on-One, Partner, Small Group

Favorite Workout: HIIT and Resistance Training


Tony Barajas

Year in School: Freshman

Major: Physical Education and Health

Training Philosophy: Helping you succeed in your goals within the weight room is what makes me happy!

Formats Taught: One-on-One, Team Training

Favorite Workout: Any Olympic lifting techniques


Shantyle Black

Year in School: Junior

Major: Physical Education and Health

Training Philosophy: To make working out enjoyable as well as effective! I want everyone to feel comfortable in an exercise environment and find what works for them, as well as encourage everyone to push temselves to reach their goals. 

Formats Taught: One-on-One, Partner, Small Group, Functional 50

Favorite Workout: Strength training: leg and ab day!


Alexandra Marshall

Year in School: Junior

Major: Clinical Physiology

Training Philosophy: Getting more students, more active, more often!

Formats Taught: One-on-One

Favorite Workout: Anything that involves weight training!


Lily Grassley

Year in School: Freshman

Major: Law and Justice

Training Philosophy: We are all warriors. So sweat, thrive, and become the hardest working person you know. And never skip leg day!

Formats Taught: One-on-one sessions

Favorite Workout: Strength training of any kind!


Caleb Cruz

Year in School: Senior

Major: Accounting & Supply Chain Management

Training Philosophy: Making the gym your favorit place to be. Enjoying the process, the workouts, the environment, all will make your goals come more efficiently.

Formats Taught: One-on-one sessions

Favorite Workout: Squats


Anya Rombakh

Year in School: Senior

Major: Nutrition

Training Philosophy: You can't do it alone but it all comes down to you! My goal is to give you the motivation and confidence to reach oustide of your comfort zone in order to transform your body and mind!

Formats Taught: One-on-one sessions, Partner sessions

Favorite Workout: Lower body conditioning, strength training


Lilliana Craig

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Exercise Science

Training Philosophy: Helping people stay active and reach their health and wellness goals.

Formats Taught: One-on-one sessions, Group sessions

Favorite Workout: Any kind of weight training.


Alex Gagliardo

Year in School: Junior

Major: Construction Management

Training Philosophy: Work out with a purpose and have fun with it. Constantly assess and look for imporvement. It's feeling good on both the inside and outside that counts. Be active. Be fit!

Formats Taught: One-on-one sessions, Group sessions

Favorite Workout: Any kind of weight training.


Elliot Dick

Year in School: Junior

Major: Law and Justice

Training Philosophy:  Building one's mental strength is just as important as building one's physical strength. With a little help, exercise of any kind can do both at the same time.

Formats Taught: One-on-one sessions, Partner sessions, Team Training

Favorite Workout: Running

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