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Meet our Personal Trainers


Betsy Arlt

Picture of Betsy Arlt

Year in School: Junior

Major: Clinical Physiology

Minor: Psychology

Training Philosophy: My training philosophy revolves around maximizing one's athletic potential. I want to help individuals discover the training plan that allows them to exercise at their fittest both physically and mentally.

Format Taught: 1-on-1 and Partner Personal Training

Favorite Workout: Running and Weight Training

Makenzie Clark

Picture of Makenzie Clark

Year in School: Senior

Major: Exercise Science

Training Philosophy: Learning how to set goals and never giving up on achieving them, even if that means working harder to find a routine that works. It is important to me to develop a base of functional strength and good lifestyle habits to be able to live life both physically and mentally to the fullest! 

Format Taught: 1-on-1

Favorite Workout: Resistance training and Zumba!

Jonathan Pinon

Picture of Jonathan Pinon

Year in School: Senior

Major: Exercise Science

Training Philosophy: I believe working out is a battle between who you are and who you want to become, I always strive to be better than the person I was yesterday, but also like to have fun when I workout.

Format Taught: Personal Training

Favorite Workout: Weight training, large/small group and TRX workouts

Maria Sloniker

Picture of Maria Sloniker

Year in School: Senior

Major: Nutrition

Training Philosophy: Progress comes from consistency and not rigidity, always remember to enjoy the process, and above all, fitness is about feeling good on the inside and outside.

Format Taught: 1-on-1, Large Group, Group Fit

Favorite Workout: Strength training and HIIT

Taylor Monta

Picture of Taylor Monta

Year in School: Senior

Major: Clinical Physiology

Training Philosophy: My training philosophy is to find a workout that is enjoyable, not everyone is going to enjoy running or TRX, so find something that is fun but still challenging. Make working out a lifestyle and invest in youself mentally and physically. Lastly, be mindful and in the moment when you are working out. 

Formats Taught: Personal Training

Favorite Workout: HIIT and Resistance Training

Claudia Brasino

Picture of Claudia Brasino

Year in School: Senior

Major: Communications Studies with a minor in Sports Coaching

Training Philosophy: I want my client to understand that working out isn't just something in life that we "have" to do. Instead, it should be something we enjoy doing! Also, I want my clients to understand that that is a safe enviornment for everyone who is interested to have a healthy and positive lifestyle. 

Format Taught: 1-on-1

Favorite Workout: Running and any type of functional fitness method.

Christian Nonga-Kingombe

Picture of Christian Nonga-Kingombe

Year in School: Freshman

Major: Clinical Physiology

Training Philosophy: Work hard & smart!

Format Taught: 1-on-1

Favorite Workout: Olympic Lifting!

Lwin Htet

Picture of Lwin Htet

Year in School: Junior

Major: Cyber Security / Network Management

Training Philosophy: Make it a habit to train with full range of motionand in new and uncomfortable position, so when you're throwin into those cirumstances unexpectedly, the body is fully prepared and less likely to get injured.

Format Taught: 1-on-1 Personal Training, Large Groups, Small Groups

Favorite Workout: Squat laders and Sprints

Peyton Rondeau

Picture of Peyton Rondeau

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Nutrition and Dietetics

Training Philosophy: You achieving your goals is how I measure my success!

Format Taught: 1-on-1

Favorite Workout: Weight Training

Jovuani Phomprida-Robinson

Picture of Jovuani Phomprida-Robinson

Year in School: Senior

Major: Exercise Science

Training Philosophy: Knowledge is power when executed!

Formats Taught: One-on-one and Team Training

Favorite Workout: Anything to do with arm day!

Tony Barajas

Picture of Tony Barajas

Year in School: Freshman

Major: Physical Education and Health

Training Philosophy: Helping you succeed in your goals within the weight room is what makes me happy!

Formats Taught: One-on-one sessions

Favorite Workout: Any Olympic lifting techniques

Shantyle Black

Picture of Shantyle Black

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Physical Education

Training Philosophy: To make working out enjoyable as well as effective! I want everyone to feel comfortable in an exercise environment and find what works for them, as well as encourage everyone to push temselves to reach their goals. 

Formats Taught: One-on-one sessions

Favorite Workout: Strength training: leg and ab day!

Samantha Kester

Picture of Samantha Kester

Year in School: Junior

Major: Nutrition and Dietetics

Training Philosophy: Embrace the suck!

Formats Taught: One-on-one sessions

Favorite Workout: Any type of strength training and Zumba classes

Shaylee Weed

Picture of Shaylee Weed

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Accounting

Training Philosophy: The body achieves what the mind believes.

Formats Taught: One-on-one sessions

Favorite Workout: Any type of CrossFit workouts!

Alexandra Marshall

Picture of Alexandra Marshall

Year in School: Junior

Major: Clinical Physiology

Training Philosophy: Getting more students, more active, more often!

Formats Taught: One-on-one sessions

Favorite Workout: Anything that involves weight training!

Lily Grassley

Year in School: Freshman

Major: Law and Justice

Training Philosophy: We are all warriors. So sweat, thrive, and become the hardest working person you know. And never skip leg day!

Formats Taught: One-on-one sessions

Favorite Workout: Strength training of any kind!

Brendan Raschke

Picture of Brendan Raschke

Year in School: Junior

Major: Exercise Science

Training Philosophy: Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're probably right.

Formats Taught: Weight Training

Favorite Workout: Back and Biceps









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