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Personal Training Pricing

Personal Training services are offered to individuals who are current members of the Recreation Center. We strongly suggest working out individually with a trainer to achieve the most customized fitness program. However, if you are more comfortable sharing your sessions with a friend, we also offer Partner Training packages, sold in six or 12-session packages. Remember, though, that when you work out with a partner, you’re sharing your training session with another person and your goals might vary. Therefore, results may vary from those experienced in individual training sessions.

Individual Sessions (1 Hour)
Certified Trainer
Trainer in Training
Jump Start Package (1 Session)
Boost Package (4 Sessions)
Super-charged Package (8 Sessions)
Amped Package (12 Sessions)
Ultimate Package (20 Sessions)
Partner Sessions
Certified Trainer
Trainer in Training
6 sessions
12 sessions
20 sessions$300$270
Fast Trax Sessions (30 Minutes)
Certified Trainer
Trainer in Training
6 Sessions
12 sessions
20 sessions$300


*All session prices are reported as pre-taxed.


Purchase a(n):andReceive a(n):
Super-charged Package Free towel card
Amped Package Free towel card and 10-punch group fitness pass
Ultimate Package Free towel card, unlimited group fitness pass, and water bottle

Certified Personal Trainer vs. Trainer in Training

Our Certified Trainers have taken the necessary coursework and preparation to pass their personal trainer exam and are certified by an accredited personal training organization. Passing the personal training examination requires a full knowledge and understanding of the human body and how it responds to exercise in multiple environments, including injury and illness. Our Certified Trainers are recognized by any fitness club in the industry as qualified fitness professionals.

Trainers in Training (TNTs) are individuals who may not yet be certified, but have the knowledge base to design and implement exercise programs for healthy adults. TNTs must be junior or senior Exercise Science undergraduate students pursuing a certification and/or have experience leading individuals in exercise technique.

Certified trainers and TNTs have limited client availability, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Group Training

Full Quarter(Two sessions per week with open hours on Fridays)                          $130

When you sign up for group training you will also receive an unlimited group fitness pass.