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Indoor Ironman

Indoor Ironman

Every year, University Recreation hosts the Indoor Ironman during the month of February. Individuals register for the prgoram and track their progress over the month of February. Included below are some helpful resources for you as you start your journey.

  • Rules - These were included on the back of your registration form. This is not an exhaustive list but covers most of the information for the event.
  • Meeting Powerpoint - Again, not an exhaustive document but relevant information for you to make sure you understand the basics of the program.
  • LFconnect - This is a link to an outside webpage not under CWU control. It is the method we will use to track and record results. Make sure you have a username and understand how to manually enter your results.
  • Map my Run - This website is helpful if you have never mapped outside distances. If you already have a preferred website feel free to use it, just make sure it is accurate.
  • 5K Routes (1) (2) (3) (4) - These are different maps from past 5K's on the CWU campus and Ellensburg community. They are accurate to the nearest .1 kilometer.
  • Tracking Sheet - You must track your mileage and time on the lfconnect website! This form is just for your use if you have any issues navigating the website.

Please email us at for more information about the program and be watching for registration information for next year's event!


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