Do I have to pay to use the wall?
No, the use of the climbing wall is a part of your Recreation Center Membership.  The only things you will have to pay for are the optional amenities of the wall.  These optional items include shoe rentals, classes, and certifications

Do I have to take a class to use the wall?
No, in order to climb the rock wall all you need to do is sign a waiver form and check in with the climbing wall staff so that they can review rules and expectations.  Classes and certifications are only required when you want to belay other participants in the gym.  These classes and exams are available weekly.

Do I have to have experience to use the wall?
People of all experience levels use the wall.  If you have climbed for years or if you would just like to try for the first time, our staff is available to provide input to all levels.  All you need to get started climbing is to read, understand, complete, and sign a waiver form.

What if I want to get more involved with the wall?
The climbing program is always open to input and ideas.  Drop off a comment card at the front counter or send us an e-mail with your questions or comments.  Further, we offer practicum and internship opportunities for motivated and dynamic students.