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CWU Recreation says goodbye to custodial staff member, Barajas-Garcia, but only to a great cause

ELLENSBURG, WASH., December 11, 2017 – CWU Recreation loses long-time custodial employee, Luz Barajas-Garcia, who will be deployed overseas in the coming months. Barajas-Garcia has worked with Recreation for the past eight years, starting as a seasonal staff member and eventually becoming a full-time employee.

“It’s been awesome [working in Recreation], I love the culture, the family environment. Everybody has always been very supportive,” Barajas-Garcia says. “Working at the Rec has taught me so much about myself as well as helped me grow as a person. All the opportunities that I’ve had here, I feel like I probably wouldn’t of had in other places.”

Barajas-Garcia’s co-worker and confidant, Teresa Breckenridge, is proud to see her friend and employee leave to peruse amazing opportunities. When asked what is has been like being her boss, mentor, and friend, Breckenridge had much to say.

“A lasting one. Student staff love working with her because she gets right in there and works along with them. She jokes around and calls people on their crap. The popular place to be is with Luz. Doesn’t matter what your “position” is.”

Looking to the future, Luz will serve her time in the military during her deployment to an undisclosed location in the next few months. She also plans to enjoy time with her family, both here in the United States and in Mexico, before taking off. Barajas-Garcia also plans to return to Central when her deployment is over, hoping that she can come back to Recreation as a professional staff member, one day.

When asked about why she chose this path and why this was so important to her, Barajas-Garcia simply stated:

“I don’t do it to get recognition, or be applauded, I do it as a ‘thank you’ to a country that has opened its doors to me and has given me many opportunities. I believe everyone who volunteers to serve their time in the military, do it for the love of our country and to protect the American people and our families.”

Barajas-Garcia has been an instrumental asset to the Recreation family and will be missed by all.

Media Contact: Claire Cox, Recreation, 509-963-3550,


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