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Advisory Board

University Recreation works closely with the ASCWU-BOD  to receive student input and participation on the Recreation Advisory Board. The Board of Directors appoints a 6-student committee to provide feedback and recommendations on Recreation policy and fees. The Recreation Advisory Board is chaired by the current ASCWU-BOD Vice President for Student Life and Facilities. Please contact the BOD Office in SURC 236 or visit their website if you are interested in serving on the board, attending meetings, or additional information.

Diversity Statement

We, The Students of Central Washington University, accept that students are attending CWU to learn more about themselves, grow into intelligent adults and do what they love. The student body comes from many different backgrounds, but they are here at Central Washington University to do one thing, learn.

The Recreation Center is a place meant to promote all aspects of health and wellness. By using it, We accept that there are students using the center for their own reasons and We are to accept those reasons and not question them. We want other students to actively use the Recreation Center and all services it has to offer.

The Recreation Center Advisory Board, Faculty and Staff encourage a health and fitness oriented atmosphere at the Recreation Center. The Recreation Center is a place for growth. Thanks to the efforts of many students and faculty on campus, The Recreation Center is the standard for respect and community at the CWU Ellensburg Campus.

Therefore, by entering this facility and using it’s services, We, The Students of Central
Washington University, will respect everyone using this facility.

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