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Presidents United to Solve Hunger

Mission Statement

The mission of the PUSH Committee at CWU is to connect students and other members of our campus community in need of basic resources with food, shelter, clothing, etc.
CWU PUSH will:

  • Provide and advertise specific points of contact (individuals) across campus with whom those in need can connect to gain access to food, clothing, shelter, etc. This could include a door sign campaign similar to Safe Space to help those in need identify safe places to ask for basic resources.
  • Increase campus awareness about the need that exists for basic resources within our community through increased education and outreach to the campus community.
  • Reduce the level of need within our community.
  • Develop partnerships to collaborate with agencies and service providers within the larger Ellensburg community to provide basic resources to those in need.
  • Develop a referral network that connects those in need with resources within the broader community, such as: F.I.S.H. Food Bank, Clothing Banks, cold weather shelters, and social services.
  •  Provide volunteer opportunities for students, staff, and faculty who wish to assist with the efforts to address hunger, homelessness, and basic needs within our community.

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