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Presidents United to Solve Hunger

Food Pickup Locations at CWU

Click here to view a campus map of the pantry locations

We have food pickup and drop-off locations located conveniently around campus:

1. Center for Diversity and Social Justice office (SURC Room 250/253)

2. Bouillon Hall (Room 204)

3. Hertz Hall (Room 217)

4. Purser Hall (outside Room 132)

5. Black Hall (Room 101)

6. Hogue Hall (Main Hall of West Entrance)

7. Farrell Hall (Floor 3, near Law and Justice Offices)

8. Psychology Building (Floor 4, Across from PSY 479 and 480)

Only drop-off locations: 

1. Brooks Library 

2. CWU Foundation Office (Barge Hall First Floor, 400 E University Way)



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