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Succeeding in a Foreign Environment: A Global Leadership Workshop

Wednesday, Feb 20, 2013
6:00 pm

With the economy becoming increasingly global, there are more opportunities than ever before to travel overseas or work with someone from a foreign country. For this reason, the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement (CLCE) is hosting “Succeeding in a Foreign Environment,” Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 6 p.m. in SURC 135. This workshop is free open to all CWU students.

Students will get the chance to learn several important aspects of working in foreign environments at this workshop. Through open discussions, students will decide what the value of being a global leader is and why it is significant today.

There are also many aspects of leading in a global economy that require a different skill set. Students will discuss what they believe are the three most important aspects to consider when looking to work abroad and what skills they need to develop in order to succeed.

Included during these workshops will be a talk about how to transition from settling into a new culture to becoming a leader overseas, applying the knowledge they have learned in order to analyze how well they may succeed. 

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