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Publicity Center


The Publicity Center employs students in a variety of positions that support its mission to deliver a slate of high quality publicity products and services that promote campus events, programs and departments while providing real-world experiences to develop students' skills and portfolios. These positions work in the areas of graphic design, writing, online content development, media and public relations, distribution, sales and office support.

Additionally, the Publicity Center offers graphic design internships for focused project work during the summer months, and regularly provides consultation and advising of students and groups regarding the various aspects of event marketing.



Student Graphic Design Interns | Summer 2019

The Publicity Center and CWU HYPE are hiring student graphic designers for part-time employment and summer internships. 

Under the guidance of professional design staff, and with support from other students working in the Publicity Center, you will engage in each stage of production, from generating ideas to crafting concepts and final designs. You’ll be responsible for ensuring that the layout, style and content is spot on, and you’ll be part of a team that works to deliver high-quality services and award-winning products that increase awareness and pride in CWU's student life programs.



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