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Publicity Request

The Publicity Center is still operating remotely to some extent, so we are scheduling projects and our creative team as efficiently as possible. We look forward to working with you to promote your events, activities and programs! Please request projects as far in advance as you can to allow sufficient proofing and distribution.

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Is this for an event, service, awareness, other?
Platform you are hosting at: provide link and other details needed to access event/program (i.e., registration or virtual tickets required, etc.)
Event contact name, email, best time to reach you
Target audience – who are we trying to reach?
Project description – describe the event, activity or service, and what your audience can expect. Is this part of a series, or larger campaign? What is the key message or idea you would like remembered?
What are your goals/desired outcomes for this project?
Do you have a specific design style in mind? If so, please describe or email example/link to
Please provide links, relevant contacts or other information you think would be helpful. Email photos or other assets to with the project name in subject line.
Select all that apply.

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