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Green Dot Dodgeball Tournament

The CWU Wellness Center and University Recreation are partnering to host the Green Dot 5-on-5 Dodgeball Tournament Wednesday, May 15 in the Recreation Center. Check-in starts at 7 p.m. and balls fly at 7:30! Registration is free and available at the Wellness Center.

The Green Dot Dodgeball Tournament serves two purposes, other than just giving students a chance to hurl balls at their classmates. The first is providing a fun, free way to promote the Wellness Center's Green Dot Campaign and the message it conveys. The Green Dot program is designed to reduce power-based personal violence and to empower bystanders of this violence—whether it’s sexual assault, threats or physical harassment—to stand up and make a difference.

The second is to inform students about the “Bystander Training” event Saturday, May 18, which will teach attendees how to intervene if they witness power-based violence. This interactive workshop will discuss obstacles to action and how they affect our response, realistic ways of intervening in potentially high-risk situations and how everyday actions can influence others.

For more information contact the Wellness Center at 509-963-3213 or

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