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Case Studies


The opportunity: Hype was conceived as a tab format publication to be produced quarterly with the purpose of highlighting student events and stories, as presented by student designers and writers. As such, it featured many styles and at times struggled with cohesiveness. It also seemed to be generating less interest as time went on. As Hype entered its eighth year of publication, it was clear that some changes needed to happen.

The solution: We met with our student staff and asked them to talk about it with their friends and classmates. What did students think about Hype? Was it effective in raising awareness of campus events, did the stories interest them, did they like the eclectic design, did they look forward to picking it up?

We discovered that students were looking for something smaller in size, more structured in design and more inclusive in event listings and stories. Student designers and writers were more interested in producing a new, sophisticated piece for their peers than having more opportunities to design pages or develop content. The result: a more compact, compelling and useful publication.

Monday Movie Madness

The opportunity: This weekly movie program grew out of a long-standing film series at CWU that had seen its student audience numbers drop. In an effort to refocus its film offerings toward student requests, the Campus Activities programming staff developed Monday Movie Madness which would show newer, pre-DVD releases and the occasional older film. Now all they needed was an identity.

The solution: The first designer assigned to this project instantly thought of a "movie monster" as a fitting symbol of Monday Movie Madness. The monster illustration was a hit. In addition to appearing on all posters, the monster also appeared on promotional t-shirts in a different color each quarter. The theme continued the following year, with a different creature featured each quarter.