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Public Policy

Public Policy is a science dedicated to study of the policies and laws implemented by governments to address the needs of contemporary society.  The Bachelor of Science in Public Policy is aimed at exploration and analysis of the historical legacies as well as the contemporary forces that frame the policy making process. 

Public Policy at CWU is not free-standing and must be combined with another major.  Since the expertise of all of the scientific and humanistic disciplines is required to craft and implement policy across the full range of governmental activity the study of Public Policy must be interdisciplinary.  Consequently, the Public Policy program is built around offerings from a core of participating departments, frequently Economics, Environmental Studies, Geography and Political Science.

Why Study Public Policy?
Today government action is increasingly guided by data—experts from a diverse set of backgrounds with sometimes opposing interests provide input that adds complexity to the decision making process.  Public Policy is a field guided by technological advances in Science and current economic trends.  It is also governed by legal and administrative rules created to dictate procedures.  Studying Public Policy in addition to another field prepares students to work in either the public sector, or industry as a liaison to government agencies.

Key Marketable Traits
Public Policy majors are required to take a diverse set of courses.  This requirement is what creates the broadly-trained leaders of tomorrow.  A background in Public Policy gives students the ability to work across disciplines.  Public policy majors are trained with both theoretical and empircal examples, so they are capable of implementing the abstract.  

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