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Base Tuition Costs at CWU

CWU boosts our student's earning power and employability better than any other public university in Washington State. We're among the top 10 percent of colleges nationwide in student career success after graduation. (Educate to Career College Ranking Index

What is the real cost of tuition at CWU?

CWU works to keep tuition low—that's why we're still one of the smartest investments in public higher education.

Washington undergraduates taking 10 through 17 credits pay:

  • $2,420 per quarter
  • $7,260 per year

State and university required fees are about $1,000 a year beyond basic tuition.

CWU Supports its Students!

The average resident full-time undergrad pays about $3,000 a quarter in tuition. For students who qualify for financial aid, average tuition payment is just $800 per year. Tuition is just $242 per credit up to 10 credits. Credits 11 to 17 are free. 60% of CWU students receive financial aid in recognition of academic merit, artistic talent, financial need, or other qualities. 30% of CWU students receive aid, waivers, and/or grants that cover their full tuition cost.

Consider the Cost of Living in Ellensburg!

The overall cost of living in Ellensburg is 33% lower than in King County.

  • The cost of housing in Ellensburg is 58% lower than in King County.
  • CWU has the lowest housing costs of any public four-year college in Washington State.
  • Most CWU students are from the Puget Sound area and enjoy low cost travel home (only 100-miles from Seattle!) on school breaks and weekends.