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Tuition and Mandatory Fees

Welcome to Central Washington University! CWU offers high-quality, affordable education through low-tuition degree programs and more than $40 million in student grants, scholarships, and waivers.

This school year, tuition for undergraduate students who are Washington residents is approximately $230 per credit—up to 10 credits. There’s no additional tuition charge to take as many as eight more credits. Students taking 10 to 18 credits each quarter pay a flat tuition rate of about $6,900 for the entire year. Tuition will actually drop to nearly $5,900 next year.

Some CWU classes charge special course fees for equipment or activities. Students also fund “Services and Activities” for health services, campus recreation, and other special events.

You can review the following table for a detailed breakdown of CWU attendance costs. Questions? Call 509-963-3001 or e-mail


For the 2015-2016 Academic Year


Per Term Fall 2015 - Spring 2016