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The States of Things

This is the week in Olympia in which we hear what statewide elected officials consider the "state of" their domains. Governor Inslee delivered the State of the State address, of course. My handy dandy "find" function shows "higher education" getting two mentions in this document, including a sentence about a tuition freeze. 

While the governor addressed the state legislature today; yesterday President Gaudino discussed the state of the university in McConnell Hall auditorium. Watch the full address or read the text of the address.

Today professor Elvin Delgado presented to the State House of Representatives, Technology & Economic Development Committee. The subject was the new interdisciplinary Institute for Integrated Energy Studies. CWU has requested $400,000 per biennium to support the program. CWU Asst. Director of Government Relations, Antonio Sanchez reported and Margaret Reich confirmed that Dr. Delgado's presentation was very effective, eloquently  demonstrating that the I2ES "has value for students, the business sector, and our state."

Questions about the program from legislators? What kind of work will graduates do? How much money will they make? How many students can you serve? 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 - 13:45

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