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Legislators ask CWU to Share Construction Expertise

Over the last decade CWU has had remarkable success securing state funding for construction projects, a new music facility, Dean Hall remodel, renovation and Construction of a new Hogue Hall, and Science II, now underway. In addition to success landing the funding, CWU has been remarkably successful in stretching every dollar--an important skill, since the state rarely provides full funding for a project. 

The Senate Ways & Means committee has invited CWU to present to the full committee on Thursday, sharing how we've managed projects so efficiently. This is where Steve DuPont's undergraduate degree in construction management comes in handy! Hoping to team him with the master of construction project management, Bill Yarwood, Director, Facilities Planning & Construction Services.

President Gaudino will be in Olympia next week, introducing himself and CWU to new legislators, and acquainting returning lawmakers with CWU's legislative agenda. Of course, our top priorities are increasing general state support or, lacking that, approving a tuition increase, and securing funding for the renovation and construction of Samuelson Hall. The president will meet with as many as a dozen legislators per day in back-to-back meetings. Trustee Ron Erickson will join him for a dinner with a Higher Education leader. President Gaudino also will have a special meeting with three Hispanic legislators to discuss Latino/a issues in higher education.

The first action of the state senate last week was to pass a rule that requires a super majority in order to approve a tax increase. The vote comes about a month after a statewide survey by Elway Research showed Washington voters generally in support of taxes proposed by Governor Inslee on cigarettes, bottled water, capital gains and carbon pollution. Actually the proposals garnered support of more than 70 percent of those polled.  Incidentally, the poll also showed that education has once again topped voters' list of public policy priorities.The economy has topped that list more often than not over the past four years

I realize many of you have been looking forward to the State of the Judiciary address by Barbara Madsen, Chief Justice of the Washington state Supreme Court. Along with State of Education and other State-Ofs, the judiciary address is a well established part of the legislative session--until this year. It appears that lawmakers will be far too busy for that sort of thing. I can hear you speculating that this is all linked to the "Supremes" finding the legislature in contempt for falling short of the court's basic education funding expectations. Not so. Word is that attendance at the SOJ has been declining and precious legislative time will be spent on activities of greater interest. 




Sunday, January 18, 2015 - 18:30

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