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Welcome to the CWU Office of Government Relations! Our website is an important part of our commitment to transparency and accountability in public higher education. If you don't see what you need here, please contact us and we'll get you the information you need.

The Department of Public Affairs is CWU's official  liaison with local, state, federal and elected officials for regulatory, budget, and policy matters of all kinds. We can help direct you to the right contact and provide critical background about legislative districts, pending policy issues, and current CWU data.


CWU is now developing priorities for  the 2017 session of the state legislature.

CWU's top capital budget request will be the construction of a Health Sciences facility. The full list of priorities, approved by the Board of Trustees May 20, 2016, includes the following: 

1. Health Sciences – Major, Construction $44.4 million

Funding is being requested for construction of a new Health Sciences facility that will consolidate the departments of the Nutrition, Exercise & Health Sciences into the science neighborhood where the College of the Sciences academic programs are now concentrated.  The new facility will replace the 50-year old Hertz Hall, which has serious structural and building systems deficiencies.

2. Energy Systems Efficiency – Major, Infrastructure $15 million
The boilers in the campus boiler plant are 43 years old and nearing the end of their life cycle. Funding is requested to replace these aging, conventional boilers with a gas-fired, combined-heat and power plant. 

3. Communication Security – Major, Infrastructure $2.7 million
This project will upgrade the campus phone system to the new Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) standard.  The new system will provide audio communications over traditional network bandwidth with the capability of additional features including visual media and data.  Consolidation of voice and data will reduce the number of data jacks required to support an office.  This will create long-term savings as
the amount of communications equipment required to support data and voice will be significantly reduced.

4. Aviation Expansion - Stand Alone $9.9 million
Funding is requested to design, bid and construct hangar and classroom space in addition to the existing facilities at the flight operations training center at Bowers Field Airport. Aviation enrollment is expected to increase dramatically in coming years under pressure from the aviation industry for personnel, especially pilots.

5. Farrell Hall – Design  $3.9 million
CWU will submit a self-funded predesign study to the state in 2016 and request design funding for 2017-19. Constructed in 1975, Farrell contains outdated electrical and mechanical systems along with original non-energy-efficient glazing and building-envelope construction. The elevator is outdated with poor mechanical quality; floors are not level. Farrell houses high demand departments on campus: Sociology and Law & Justice. These departments have expanded to the point that the departments are
fragmented throughout campus. 

6. Randall-Michaelson Upgrades – Stand Alone $7.9 million
Randall and Michaelsen Hall, constructed in 1969, have original unit ventilation and heating systems that are noisy, worn out, and do not provide cooling.  Chilled water for air conditioning has been extended to the edge of Randall/ Michaelsen.  This project is needed in order to install air conditioning systems within the building.  Michaelsen was constructed without an elevator and is not ADA compliant in other ways, as well. Installation of a separate elevator in Michaelsen Hall will mitigate security and
access concerns.  The buildings require significant electrical upgrades.  A limited remodel for programmatic needs and general facility upgrades will be performed and will likely require a future phase to complete all program-related modifications.

7. Lind Phase 2 – Stand Alone $9.2 million
Funding is requested to augment a 2015-2017 appropriation that addressed ADA issues (elevator), building envelope and life safety critical needs. This funding request would renovate existing space and systems in order to support new program needs in the building.

8. Bouillon Phase 2 – Stand Alone $9.6 million
Funding is requested to augment a 2015-2017 appropriation that addresses ADA issues (elevator),building envelope, and life-safety critical needs. The new funding request will renovate existing space and systems in order to support new program needs in the building.

9. Brooks Library Renovation – Stand Alone $9.9 million
Brooks Library, constructed in 1975, has outdated mechanical systems, electrical concerns along with acoustic, building envelop, electrical and structural concerns.  The existing building envelope, heating and cooling systems are old and energy inefficient.  This project will realize ongoing utility and maintenance cost savings and provide an enhanced collaborative learning environment.

10. Psychology Renovation – Major, Predesign $300,000
Funding is being requested to upgrade the 44-year old Psychology Building, which has never been renovated.  All of the existing mechanical and electrical systems have reached the end of their life-cycle and need to be replaced. Classrooms need to be modified to increase capacity. The project will provide utilities monitoring and enhance indoor air quality. It also will upgrade sidewalks, correct entrance-door security problems, and provide building envelope upgrades. The project will provide interior program modification, finish replacements and improve ADA compliance for signage and access.



Please contact us whenever you have a question or concern:

-- Linda Schactler, Chief of Staff / Vice President of Public Affairs
      509-963-1384; (M) 509-607-4103;
-- Ann Anderson, Director of Community and Government Relations
      509-963-2185; (M) 509-607-1273;
-- Antonio Sanchez, Assistant Director of Government Relations
      (during Interim) 509-963-3847, (M) 206 383-6980,
-- Steve DuPont, Assistant Director of Government Relations
      (during interim) 509-963-2185; (M) 509-201-0528;


​Budget and Policy Resources 

CWU is eager to illuminate the issues, programs, and individuals that make the university a wonderful educational institution and valuable state asset.  Budget and issue summaries are available here. Linda, Ann, Antonio and Steve will be happy to track down any additional information you may require.

Meet Our Legislative Team

Vice President of Public Affairs, Linda Schactler, coordinates all external relations for CWU, including state and federal relations. As Chief of Staff she coordinates communication with and work on the priorities of the Office of the President; she is Secretary to the board of Trustees. Linda is the former Director of Communications for the Washington State Senate, and former deputy director of the Washington State Higher Education Coordinating Board. She worked in commercial radio and television as news reporter, producer and announcer. Ms. Schactler ran her own Olympia-based public affairs firm for a decade, providing crisis- and issue-management services for a variety of clients. She holds a B.A. in English Literature from WSU and an in M.A. in English Literature from Washington University, St. Louis.

Director of Government and Community Relations, Ann Anderson, leads Central's outreach to state and local government and civic organizations . She served in the Washington State Senate for 12 years where her leadership positions included Senate Majority Whip and Majority Caucus Chairwoman. As a state senator, her committee assignments included the Senate Higher Education and K-12 Education committees. Ann's work in education has been recognized with CWU's Distinguished Alumni Award and the Washington Vocational Education Special Legislative. Ann holds bachelor's and master's in education degrees from CWU.

Assistant Director of Government Relations,Steve DuPont, has been on CWU's Government Relations team since 2008.  He was the Vice President for Political Affairs for the Associated Students of Central Washington University, in 2006 and 2007. Steve served on the Washington Student Lobby Board of Directors and was awarded the President’s Cabinet Award in 2007 for his effective advocacy on behalf of students. Steve holds a BS in Construction Management from CWU and a Master in Education in Higher Education from the University of Arkansas.

Assistant Director of Government Relations, Dr. Antonio Sanchez to the government relations team in 2015. Antonio earned his doctorate from the University of Washington and has more than 20 years of legislative background. He served as a senior legislative analyst with the Washington Legislature where he focused on higher education, health care, protocol and economic development. Antonio also was a faculty member in the Department of American Ethnic Studies at the UW where he taught Hispanic studies for the past six years.