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CWU Shines in Oly

The hearts of your government relations team beat a little faster when we have the opportunity to show off our brilliant faculty and staff to state legislators and their staff.

So far, each week in Olympia we've been able to spotlight some of our best and brightest:

Elvin Delgado addressed the House Technology and Economic Development committee. In fact he had a good chunk of time all to himself to discuss the I4IE, the Institute for Integrated Energy Studies.

Bill Yarwood​, our Director of Facilities Planning &. Construction Services, addressed the Senate Ways & Means Committee, and was the only comprehensive university on a panel discussion about how higher education facilities get built. Bill was invited to explain how CWU manages to build facilities on time and within budget when the legislature keeps under-funding the projects.

Richard DeShields,  Associate Dean of Student Living, was the only representative of the state regional institution in a panel discussion about  sexual assault. If you don't know this about Richard, he is one of only four individuals ever awarded  the Service Award of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls in the award's 20-year history..

Jim DePaepe, the Executive Director of Organizational Effectiveness, and well known K-12 / teacher preparation nerd, testified before the House Education Committee last week. He was in town for a meeting of the Washington Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, but consented to be dragged into the House to testify. WWU's teacher ed people are in Olympia testifying before House Higher Ed that some legislators believe the Viking's to run the state's premier College of Education. Last week we reminded them that this distinction belongs to CWU. 

This week in Olympia will be week four. That means the session is drawing close to the first deadline, which will kill (thank goodness) thousands of bills. To avoid sudden death, a bill must have moved out of the committee where it was birthed.  Not surprising that there are LOTS of bill hearings this week, including HB 1439, sponsored by CWU alumnus, Rep. David Sawyer. Here's a summary of the bill, which funds some interesting on-line programs for CWU










Saturday, January 31, 2015 - 14:30

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