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Legislators ask CWU to Share Construction Expertise

Over the last decade CWU has had remarkable success securing state funding for construction projects, a new music facility, Dean Hall remodel, renovation and Construction of a new Hogue Hall, and Science II, now underway. In addition to success landing the funding, CWU has been remarkably successful in stretching every dollar--an important skill, since the state rarely provides full funding for a project. 

The States of Things

This is the week in Olympia in which we hear what statewide elected officials consider the "state of" their domains. Governor Inslee delivered the State of the State address, of course. My handy dandy "find" function shows "higher education" getting two mentions in this document, including a sentence about a tuition freeze. 

2015 Legislature Begins 105-Day Fire Drill

Welcome to "The Briefing Room," a weekly update that tries to translate legislative activity into logical, meaningful units of information--when possible.

Governor Inslee's Budget Proposals

Today the governor released budget recommendations for the 2015-2017 state budgets--and there actually was some good news! 


Gov. Inslee proposes to fund almost all of CWU's capital request for a total of about $106 million for construction, maintenance, and renovation. Here are the highlights.

Thinking Outside the (Tuition) Box

Those of you who have been obsessing about higher education funding lo these last ten or 15 years know what it's like to be stuck in a box. 

There has been one and one approach only to public funding of higher education for the better part of 60 years: tuition + support from the state general fund. Once upon a time--you know, until 2009--most of higher education funding came from the state general fund. (I promise not to go into this again--just now.)

RCM, Sweeping, and other mysteries

Over the past three weeks everyone left behind on summer break has been on a steady diet of budgeting. But no 2014 budget banquet can be complete without a healthy serving of Responsibility Centered management. RCM is either a fiscal Bogeyman or fiscal Deliverer.  It is neither.

Affordability Study Preview


Thanks to Andy in OE we have a preview of the new College Affordability and Transparency list, which demonstrates that those who increase tuition fastest win the state budget wars. Review the highest-increase list below, and then  you will understand why these schools are not seeking additional state tuition authority (allegedly).

Conflation Continued

As I was saying, there are too many "budget" exercises ongoing for reasonable people to track. The latest government efficiency campaign is called LEAN.  LEAN For Dummies says LEAN is "a customer-centric methodology used to continuously improve any process through the elimination of waste in everything you do; it is based on the ideas of “Continuous Incremental Improvement” and “Respect for People.”


There are so many "budget exercises" going on right now I guess I shouldn't be surprised people are conflating one with the other.

The governor's exercise: Earlier this month Gov. Inslee asked all state agencies--yes, we're an agency--to model a 15% budget cut. This is not an atypical request at the beginning of budget season. No one is sadder than I that it IS the beginning of budget season. Seems like we just finished a legislative session. Time to start a new one.

Welcome Back To the Budget Vortex!

Welcome back to the Briefing Room!

Good news! Glad to have you back. Bad news. Launching this blog again because we have re-entered the Budget Vortex. Just when we thought we were keeps pulling us back in.