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Real Hope for the DREAM Act

The state Senate last week approved a bill that will allow undocumented students to receive the State Need Grant. Dubbed "The Real Hope Act," SB 6523 is nearly identical to the Washington State Dream Act. The Senate refused to move that bill throughout last year's interminable legislative session, saying that the lack of a fund source simply increased the pool of students for state aid.

Meet Team CWU

CWU's legislative budget and policy priorities are in the experienced hands of our government relations leaders, Ann Anderson and Steve DuPont.

60-day Clock Starts Ticking on 2014 Legislative Session

Welcome to week one of the 2014 session of the state legislature! This is a housekeeping session, one dedicated to addressing errors in the two-year budget approved last spring, or attending to unexpected problems that the biennial budget doesn't account for. Because it's just a "fix-it" session, this legislature is scheduled to meet only for 60 days. As always, lawmakers and the governor may choose to conduct as many special, 30-day sessions as they like when the 60-day timer rings.


April 10, 2013

Today House Majority Democrats At noon released budget proposals for the 2013 – 2015 biennium.  Now that we the former and current governors’ budget proposals and plans from the House and Senate, we can quadrangulate to estimate where the final budget will land (…….of course if I really could do that with any precision, I could make a fortune as a contract lobbyist….but I digress).

First, a look at the House operating budget proposal: Key aspects of the operating budget included the following:

Senate Majority Caucus Releases Gloomy Operating Budget Plan

Posted on April 5, 2013 by Linda Schactler
The Senate Majority caucus yesterday at noon released a plan for the next two fiscal years.  Alas, it appears to contain more bad news than good, but, like the Inslee proposal, there is much that is murky.