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Affordability Study Preview


Thanks to Andy in OE we have a preview of the new College Affordability and Transparency list, which demonstrates that those who increase tuition fastest win the state budget wars. Review the highest-increase list below, and then  you will understand why these schools are not seeking additional state tuition authority (allegedly).

The study uses IPEDS data from all institutions from around the nation and displays the following for full-time beginning undergraduates:

1.  Highest tuition (top 5%)
2.  Lowest tuition (bottom 10%)
3.  Highest net price (top 5%)
4.  Lowest net price (bottom 10%)
5.  Largest increase in tuition (2010-11 vs. 2012-13)
6.  Largest increase in net price (2010-11 vs. 2012-13)

A review of the list shows that Central Washington University is not on any of them.  This is positive news as many other Washington universities are on the list of largest tuition increases; namely:

  • University of Washington (Seattle-42% increase,
  • UW Bothell-38% increase,
  • UW Tacoma-37% increase),
  • Washington State University-30% increase, and
  • Western Washington University-28% increase.
  • This list will go public on Monday, June 30. 
Saturday, June 28, 2014 - 20:00

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