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seeing the ligh wins governor's award

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Psychology Department
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Recommended Courses

Recommended courses to take prior to transferring to CWU:

  1. Introductory or General Psychology (equivalent to PSY 101 at CWU).
  2. Finite Math (equivalent to MATH 130 at CWU). Finite Mathematics OR higher, is a recommended course to take prior to our psychology major courses in statistics.  
  3. Introductory Biology class that deals with the structure and function of the nervous system (equivalent to BIO 101 or BIO 201 at CWU or other class in cell biology)

Recommended courses for psychology majors to take during their first quarter at CWU:

  1. PSY 200 Introduction to the Psychology Major (1 credit)
  2. PSY 300 Research Methods in Psychology (5 credits). If you haven’t taken PSY 101 or its equivalent, you should take that your first quarter instead and take PSY 300 your second quarter.
  3. PSY 362 Introductory Statistics (5 credits) is recommended in your first or second quarter at CWU. 
  4. You can also register for one or more classes from the required course groups that do not require PSY 300 as a prerequisite. Examples of applicable courses include PSY 303 (Analysis of Everyday Behavior, 4 credits), PSY 313 (Developmental Psychology, 4 credits), PSY 346 (Social Psychology, 4 credits), and PSY 449 (Abnormal Psychology, 4 credits).

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