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College of the Sciences

Psychology Major

There are two options for completing a major in psychology.

  • The 45-credit major requires a student to also complete a minor or a second major in some other subject.  The 45-credit major is intended for students interested in combining a background in psychology with fields such as social work, family studies, business, forensics, primate behavior, and other fields in which training in behavioral science would be useful.
  • The 60-credit major leads to a bachelor’s degree without a minor or second major. It is recommended for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in psychology.

The two majors are very similar.  The 60-credit major includes PSY363: Intermediate Statistics and Research Methods as well as more elective credits.  A psychology advisor can discuss your academic and career goals and help you choose the appropriate major.

Email the completed major application to You will receive a return email that tells you whether or not you have been admitted to the major. If you were not admitted, the email will explain what you need to do to have your application approved. If your application was approved, you will receive the name and contact information for your psychology faculty advisor. We recommend that you contact your advisor so that they can answer questions about the major and discuss recommendations for courses you should take.

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