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Psychology Minor

The psychology minor can be a meaningful addition to many majors because psychology helps you learn about and understand human behavior. If you’re interested in minoring in psychology, start with PSY 101 and PSY 300 and, then, choose your other courses with the help of an advisor. 

Transfer students can transfer up to 5 credits, usually introductory psychology, to the minor.  Psychology minors who are majoring in Law and Justice, Sociology, and Social Services may not need to take PSY 300 (see details below) and should talk to an advisor before registering.

Psychology Minor (30 Credits)

Required Courses (10 credits):

  • PSY 101 General Psychology (5 Credits)
  • PSY 300 Research Methods in Psychology* (5 Credits).
    • Students who have completed LAJ 400 or SOC 363 do not have to take PSY 300 but must still complete 30 credits of psychology courses. Use another 5 credits of 300- or 400-level psychology courses to substitute for PSY 300 by asking your advisor to initiate a Course Substitute process.  You must have already completed the 5 credits of psychology that you plan to substitute for PSY 300.  The Course Substitution process is completed online.

Choose at least two courses from the following list (8-10 credits):  

  • PSY 303 Analysis of Everyday Behavior (4 Credits) or PSY 301 Learning (5 credits).
  • PSY 313 Developmental Psychology or PSY 314 Human Development and the Learner (4 Credits)
  • PSY 346 Social Psychology (4 Credits)
  • PSY 445 Clinical, Counseling, and Community Psychology (5 Credits)
  • PSY 449 Abnormal Psychology (4 Credits)
  • PSY 450 Sensation and Perception (4 Credits)
  • PSY 453 Theories of Personality (5 Credits)
  • PSY 456 Industrial and Organizational Psychology (4 Credits)
  • PSY 460 Cognitive Psychology (5 Credits)
  • PSY 473 Psychology of Language (4 Credits)
  • PSY 478 Behavioral Neuroscience (4 Credits)

Choose additional upper-division (300- or 400-level) psychology courses to earn a total of 30 credits of psychology coursework.      

Click here for the PDF Application for the Psychology Minor in Ellensburg.  Email the completed form to You'll receive a return email with your psychology advisor's name and contact information. We recommend that you contact your advisor to ask questions and discuss recommended courses.

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