Mental Health Counseling: Mission


MHC Program

Mission Statement and Objectives

The mission of the Mental Health Counseling program of Central Washington University is to select, train, and supervise competent mental health counselors.  Our counselor-training program intentionally focuses on the development of knowledge, skills, practice, and personal growth in order to prepare professional counselors with a strong sense of professional identity to meet the diverse needs of individual clients.

Curricular Objectives:

  1. Students will be knowledgeable about the profession of mental health counseling including history, organizational structures, and will demonstrate ability to adhere to ethical standards.

  2. Students will have knowledge of social and cultural foundations to be effective in a multicultural and diverse society, and will provide services responsive to the unique needs of individual clients.

  3. Students will have knowledge of human growth and development in order to understand the nature and needs of persons at all developmental levels, and in multicultural contexts.  This includes the knowledge and practice of appropriate diagnosis across the lifespan.

  4. Students will be knowledgeable and understand career development and related factors.

  5. Students will be knowledgeable and skillful in counseling and consultation processes, and understand the range of treatment modalities and the appropriate levels of treatment for a variety of presenting problems.

  6. Students will be knowledgeable about group development and dynamics, counseling theory, group counseling methods, and group work approaches.

  7. Students will understand and be knowledgeable about individual and group approaches to assessment and evaluation, and will utilize appropriate assessment tools for diagnosis and treatment planning.

  8. Students will be knowledgeable about various research methods, statistical analyses, needs assessments, and program evaluation.  Students will also understand how to critically evaluate research to inform their clinical practice. 

Professional Objective:

  1. Students will obtain appropriate state licensure as professional counselors.