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College of the Sciences

Liane Pereira

Associate Professor of Psychology

Ph.D., Educational and Counseling Psychology, McGill University
M.S., Mental Health Counseling, Central Washington University
M.A., Educational Psychology and Special Education, University of British Columbia

Office: Online only

Courses typically taught at CWU:

  • PSY 313 - Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 362 - Introduction to Statistics
  • PSY 363 - Intermediate Stats & Research Methods
  • PSY 445 - Clinical, Counseling, and Community Psychology
  • PSY 454 - Helping Interview

General areas of interest:  Youth mental health, school-based mental health, human development, social determinants of health, educational psychology

Selected works:

  • Pereira, L. C., & Lavoie, J. (2017). Friends, foes, and self-defence: Students with EBD navigating social conflicts and bullying. Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, 23(1), 15-27.
  • Lavoie, J., Pereira, L. C., & Talwar, V. (2016). Children’s physical resilience outcomes: Meta-analysis of vulnerability and protective factors. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 31, 701-711. doi:10.1016/j.pedn.2016.07.011
  • Pereira, L. C., & Lavoie, J. (2016). Students’ perceptions of schooling: The path to alternate education. International Journal of Child, Youth, and Family Studies, 7, 381-403.
  • Pereira, L. C., Hall, S., & Engel, C. (2016, April).  Stigma and power in the discourse of Psychology students: Implications for teaching and program design.  Poster presented at the American Educational Research Association conference, Washington, DC.
  • Brammer, R., Pereira, L. C., & Randall, L. (2016, April). What Google tells us about counseling: Deciphering 10 years of search patterns.  Poster presented at the American Counseling Association annual convention, Montreal, QC.
  • Bender, S., Pereira, L. C., Romine, W., & Randall, L. (2016, April).  Mental health literacy amongst pre-service helping professionals. Poster presented at the American Counseling Association annual convention, Montreal, QC.

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