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Coursework Requirements


This information may change.  Please check the current graduate catalogue for the most up-to-date program information.

Students enrolled in the General Experimental Psychology specialization must complete the following coursework:

Prerequisites: Research Methods in Psychology (PSY 300), Introductory Statistics (PSY 362), and Intermediate Statistics and Research Methods (PSY 363), or approved equivalents. These courses may be taken concurrently with certain program courses.  (Note: At Central Washington University, Math 130 or higher is required for Introductory Statistics).

MS in Experimental Psychology Core Courses

Methods and Statistics Credits
Choose at least two of the following four courses:

  • PSY 550 – Research in Natural Environments
  • PSY 553 – Single-Subject Design
  • PSY 555 - Design and Analysis for Applied Research
  • PSY 558 - Advanced Statistics

Theory and Research Credits:
Choose at least three of the following four courses:

  • PSY 541- Advanced Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 551- Behavior Analysis
  • PSY 576 - Comparative Psychology
  • PSY 578 - Applied Physiological Psychology

Other Required Courses:

  • PSY 505 – Psychology Colloquium
  • PSY 580 – Current Issues in Psychology
  • PSY 587 – Ethics in Experimental Psychology and ABA
  • PSY 595 – Graduate Research
  • PSY 700 – Master’s Thesis

Plus elective credits determined in consultation with the student’s advisors.

Elective courses can include (but are not limited to): Psychology of Reading (PSY 525); Evolutionary Psychology (PSY 542); Tests and Measurement (PSY 544); Advanced Principles of Learning (PSY 562); Advanced Animal Behavior (PSY 565); Behavior Disorders and Psychopathology (PSY 584); as well as 400-level or graduate-level courses in the Departments of Biology, Primate Behavior, Sociology, Philosophy, or Law and Justice.

Specialization Total Credits: 48