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Faculty and Staff

Psychology Building, Room 421
Phone: (509) 963-2381
Fax: (509) 963-2307

Department Faculty


  • Dr. Terry L. DeVietti: Physiological and Experimental Psychology.
  • Dr. Susan D. Lonborg: Health Psychology, Substance Abuse, Clinical and Research Ethics, Career Development, Gender, Psychotherapy Research.
  • Dr. Megan Matheson: General Experimental and Comparative Psychology, Nonhuman Primate Social Behavior, Stress and Coping, Post-Conflict Behavior.
  • Dr. Stephen B. Schepman: Organization Development, Work Motivation, Personality Theories.
  • Dr. Anthony J. Stahelski: Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Small Group Interaction, Leadership, Cults and Extremist Groups, Aggression and Violence, Terrorism.
  • Dr. Stephanie Stein: School Psychology, Curriculum-Based Measurement, Behavior Disorders in Children, Psychopathology, Lifespan Development.

Associate Professors

  • Dr. Robyn Brammer: Multicultural Competencies, Psychology of Gender, Counseling Supervision, LGBT Issues, Adolescent Interventions, Psychology of Religion.
  • Dr. William O. Dugmore (x1391, Countinuing Education Office): Counseling, Adjustment.
  • Dr. Marte Fallshore: Environmental Decision-Making, Psychology of Law, Learning, Memory, Statistics, Cognition.
  • Dr. Kara I. Gabriel: General Experimental Psychology, Spatial Skills, Risk-Taking, Biopsychology.
  • Dr. Heath Marrs: School Psychology, Educational Psychology, Response to Intervention Gender Issues in Education.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Penick: Mental Health Counseling, Group Counseling, Counseling Supervision, Adult Aging and Development, Health Psychology.
  • Dr. Danielle Polage: Cognitive Psychology, Memory, Psychology and Law, Eye Witness Testimony, Lying and Jury Deliberation.
  • Dr. Terrence J. Schwartz: Educational Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Statistical Analysis.
  • Dr. Wendy A. Williams: Applied Behavior Analysis, Animal Behavior, General Experimental Psychology, Human Cognition and Decision-Making.

Assistant Professors:

  • Dr. Sara Bender: Psychotic Disorders, Clinical Expectations related to Recovery, Efficacy of Online Learning, Cyber-Supervision.
  • Dr. Heidi Bogue: School Psychology, Efficacy of School-Based Interventions, Graduate Student Success, Social-Emotional Functioning and Behavior in Children.
  • Dr. Ralf Greenwald: Cognitive Brain Dynamics, Event-Related Potentials, Critical Thinking, Psychology of Video Gaming, General Cognitive Psychology.
  • Dr. Suzanne Little: School Psychology, Psychological Assessment, Response to Intervention, Children with Disabilities, Giftedness, Autism, Human Development.
  • Dr. Sadie Lovett: Applied Behavior Analysis, Derived Stimulus Relations, Verbal Behavior, Instructional Design, Rehabilitation.
  • Ms. Liane Pereira: Youth Mental Health, Human Development, Social Determinants of Health, Educational Psychology.

Non Tenure Track Faculty

  • Dr. Elizabeth Haviland:Diversity (White privilege); Counseling and supervision
    Abnormal psychology; Couple counseling;Trauma and resiliency.
  • Ms. Jennifer Kassing: child and adolescence, attachment theory, couples counseling, emotional intelligence, and professional identity.
  • Dr. Mary Radeke: Child-language development, neuropsychology, and experimental psychology.
  • Dr. Mark Soelling: Counseling psychology, psychology and the law, and psychopharmacology.

Emeritus Faculty

  • Dr. James L. Eubanks: Behavior Analysis, Organization Development, and Ecological Psychology.
  • Dr. Eugene R. Johnson: School Psychology, Psychological and Educational Evaluation, Exceptional Children.
  • Dr. Elizabeth M. Street: Educational Psychology, Behavior Analysis, Exceptional Children, Learning Theory.
  • Dr. Warren R. Street: Social Psychology, History of Psychology, General Experimental.
  • Dr. Philip Tolin: Sensation and Perception, Human Factors, Learning Theory, General Experimental.

Department Technical Staff

Community Counseling and Psychological Assessment Center (CCPAC)

Psychology Building, Room 118

Phone: (509) 963-2501