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College of the Sciences

Faculty and Staff

1405 N Walnut St (Intersection of Dean Nicholson and Walnut)
Psychology Building, Departmental Office: Room 421
Mailstop 7575
Department Email:
Phone: (509) 963-2381
Fax: (509) 963-2307

Department Faculty

  • Christopher Beeman, Lecturer: Behavioral neuroscience, biology of long term memory, teaching in psychology, neuroscience outreach.
  • Sara Bender, Associate Professor, Director of Online Psychology Major: Clinical expectations as related to the process of recovery, the efficacy of online learning, counseling, cybersupervision, disparities in the provision of mental health treatment, and social determinants of mental health.
  • Cristina Bistricean, Senior Lecturer: Applied behavioral analysis, experimental psychology, high-functioning autism, anxiety reduction, transitional periods, PTSD.
  • Joshua Buchanan, Lecturer: Psychology of video games, self-conscious emotion, emotion expression, judgment & decision-making.
  • Tonya Buchanan (Shoda), Assistant Professor: Experimental psychology, social psychology, social justice, emotion/affective forecasting, nudges/default options, implicit/explicit attitudes.
  • Kim Collucci, Lecturer: Mental health counseling in correctional facilities, social psychology, cultural influences on human development, and memory and remembrance.
  • Kara Gabriel, Professor: General experimental, cognitive biases, animal behavior, biopsychology
  • Ralf Greenwald, Associate Professor, Director of the Experimental Psychology Program: Cognitive brain dynamics, event-related potentials, teaching pedagogy, general cognitive psychology, working memory, music cognition, psychology of video gaming.
  • Olivia Holter, Assistant Professor: School Psychology, utilizing research as social justice in order to improve the lives of individuals interacting with systems (e.g., schools/medical care), exposing systemic barriers facing students in educational settings, microaggressions.
  • Maribeth Jorgensen, Assistant Professor: Researcher identity development, professional identity development, gatekeeping and ethics, sport counseling, research mentorship, suicide prevention, grief and loss.
  • Jennifer Kassing, Lecturer: Couples counseling, family therapy, disorders of childhood, ecotherapy, integrative care, developmental psychology, health psychology
  • Susan Lonborg, Professor: Health psychology, substance abuse, clinical and research ethics, career development, gender, social networking.
  • Heath Marrs, Professor, Director of the School Psychology Program and Co-Director of the Community Counseling and Psychological Assessment Center (CCPAC): School psychology, educational psychology, RTI models in school psychology practice, gender issues in education.
  • Rich Marsicano, Assistant Professor: Academic and behavioral interventions, intervention adherence, performance feedback, and response to intervention.
  • Megan Matheson, Professor: Nonhuman primate social behavior, evolutionary psychology, self-injurious behavior, comparative psychology.
  • Meaghan Nolte, Associate Professor, Director of the Mental Health Counseling Program: Mindfulness, addictions treatment, counselor training, identity, epistemological development.
  • Jeffrey Penick, Associate Professor, Co-Director of the Community Counseling and Psychological Assessment Center (CCPAC): Mental health counseling, group counseling, counseling supervision, adult aging and development, health psychology.
  • Liane Pereira, Associate Professor: Youth mental health, school-based mental health, child and adolescent development, inequities in health and education.
  • Heidi Perez (Bogue), Associate Professor: School psychology, response-to-intervention, efficacy of school-based interventions, social-emotional functioning and behavior in children.
  • Danielle Polage, Associate Professor: Memory research as it pertains to law, eye witness testimony, lying and jury deliberation.
  • Mary Radeke, Associate Professor: Use of facial cues in emotion and personality assessment, conversation development in young children, personality traits, technology in the classroom, primate communication, eye tracking and Facial Action Unit Coding laboratory.
  • Stephen Schepman, Professor, Assistant Department Chair: Organization development, work motivation, personality theories.
  • Anthony J. Stahelski, Lecturer: Social psychology (facial expressions/inferences, nonverbal behavior, small group interaction, cults, extremist groups, aggression and violence, terrorism); Industrial/organizational psychology (leadership, work teams, organization development, quality interventions).
  • Stephanie Stein, Professor, Department Chair: School psychology, curriculum-based measurement, consultation, behavior disorders in children, psychopathology, lifespan development.
  • Wendy Williams, Associate Professor: General experimental psychology-human cognition including: determinants of eyewitness credibility, self-recognition effects on memory, facial expression effects on memory and on food rejection, adjustment issues for students with disabilities, gender typing of cis- and transgender individuals.

Departmental Staff

Community Counseling and Psychological Assessment Center

Phone: (509) 963-2501
On-campus Extension: 2501
Fax: (509) 963-2307

Emeritus/a Faculty


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