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Master's Degree in Experimental Psychology (MS EXP PSY)

The Master's degree in Experimental Psychology prepares students for doctoral programs and research psychology positions.  The program provides:

  • Intensive student-initiated research training in a variety of areas of experimental psychology.
  • Statistical and methodological knowledge required to examine basic or applied issues and to function as a professional research psychologist.
  • An appreciation of the scientific basis of various fields of psychology.
  • One-on-one faculty mentoring of student research.

The program is designed so that students can complete the bulk of their required course work and, in conjunction with their faculty mentor, prepare a thesis proposal during their first year. Students can then complete their remaining course credits and a data-based thesis during their second year.

Check out information on our recent graduate students and their thesis topics.

Recent Accomplishments of MS EXP PSY Students

We are proud of the accomplishments of our students.  Most students present their research at national or regional conferences.  Some are also successful at publishing their research or receiving funding for their research activities.

  • Congratulations to Karlie Hill for her co-authored publication: Bender, S. & Hill, K. (2016). Pedagogical considerations for effectively teaching qualitative research in an online environment. Journal of Effective Teaching 16(2), 93-103.
  • Congratulations to both Gina DeNoble and Carolina (Kina) Montenegro for receiving Masters Research Fellowships from the School of Graduate Studies and Research at Central for their thesis work.
  • In memoriam of George Pringle whose graduate thesis work was published in the Sept-Oct 2015 issue of Journal of Psychoactive Drugs as "Patterns and perceptions of dextromethorphan use in adult members of an online dextromethorphan community."
  • Congratulations to Colleen Falconer for receiving a 2014 Masters Research Fellowship from the School of Graduate Studies and Research at Central for her thesis work.
  • Congratulations to Whitney Stefani (Graduated) for the publication of her Masters thesis as the article, "Sex, Power, and Women: Female Viewers'  Perceptions of Popular Music Video Themes" in SOJ Psychology, 1(1): 10. 
  • Congratulations to Jesse James (Graduated) for the publication of his Masters thesis, "Student interpreters show encoding and recall differences for information in English and American Sign Language" in Translation & Interpreting, 4(1), 21-37.
  • Congratulations to Brook Rutledge (Graduated) for her publication, "Attitudes on animal research predict acceptance of genetic modification technologies by university undergraduates" in Society & Animals, 20(4), 381-400.
  • Congratulations to Rosalind Chaffee for receiving a Spring 2013 Masters Research Fellowship from the School of Graduate Studies and Research at Central for her thesis work.
  • Congratulations to Whitney Stefani (Graduated, Fall 2012) and Ginnie Hershberger (Graduated, Spring 2013) for starting PhD programs in the Fall 2013 in the Communications PhD program at Washington State University and the Psychology PhD program at Arizona State University, respectively.  Congrats to them both!!
  • Congratulations to Joshua Parker (Graduated) for receiving a Spring 2012 Masters Research Fellowship from the Office of Graduate Studies and Research at Central for his thesis work entitled "Mobile phone technology and its effect on affect: Extension and Replication". 

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