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College of the Sciences

End-of-Major Assessment (PSY498)

PSY 489 Senior Assessment (2 credits) should be taken in one's last academic quarter before graduation.

As part of PSY 498 Senior Assessment, graduating psychology majors are required to complete the department's end-of-major assessment examination.

Students should register for the examination in the department office. The purpose of this requirement is to enable us to assess whether the Department has fulfilled its instructional objectives and to provide us with information that will enable us continuously to improve our programs and courses.

You should be aware of the following COURSE REQUIREMENTS for PSY 489:

  1. Area Concentration Achievement Test (ACAT).  All students will take the ACAT. The dates of administration for the ACAT will be announced in class. The exam will last approximately two hours. 
  2. Psychology Major Test.  All students will take the department’s Psychology Major Test through Canvas. 
  3. Affirmation of Civic and/or Research Experience: The Psychology Department expects all of its majors to complete 10 hours of service learning and/or research assistant experience prior to graduation. 

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